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Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet does not include starvation, but is able in a short time (a week or two) to bring your body shape in order.14 days - is the maximum period during which you can stick to it.

then should be done one month break and if there is a need - to repeat the procedure again.Reset 7-12 kg.lose weight, cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances, and just feel better can help you this simple diet.

Why buckwheat diet with yogurt is so useful?

Buckwheat - is not only delicious, but also very nutritious product that physicians and nutritionists advise patients who have weight problems or digestion.Buckwheat contains large amounts of essential vitamins and minerals a person.It will be useful to those people who are deficient in iron, iodine and magnesium - and this will agree, is not an isolated problem in the modern world.

is also buckwheat diet, why should most often be present at the table in patients with anemia or hypertension.Experts believe buckwheat "product for the preserva

tion of beauty", because it has a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails.Copious amounts of fiber located in buckwheat promotes metabolism.

In turn, yogurt, dairy origin of the product, brings the human body a lot of protein and calcium, may improve digestion and prevent the development of putrefactive bacteria in different parts of the intestine.Thus, the presence of buckwheat and kefir in the diet contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system, cleansing of toxins and various bacteria.

Recipe for buckwheat diet.

Buckwheat diet recipe diet buckwheat

To save in buckwheat maximum amount of nutrients, it should be prepared as follows:

not deep fried grits thoroughly rinsed in hot water, then pour it in the same boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 1.5(one cup of buckwheat - a half glass of water).Then wrap the pot and leave worn out for the whole night.

Mandatory conditions for the effectiveness of buckwheat diet:

-kushat buckwheat can as much as your heart desires, but without the salt and any other nutritional supplements.The last meal should be at least 5 hours before bedtime.If on an empty stomach you fall asleep difficult, drink a little yogurt.

- during the day, drink 1 liter of yogurt 1% fat.It is advisable to use it for half an hour before or after meals, but if you have to empty buckwheat looks too unappetizing, you can drink it with yogurt.

Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid every day (unfortunately, the word 'any' in this context excludes the sweet and fizzy drinks).To speed up the metabolism can drink herbal tea or ordinary water with lemon.

Sometimes you can pamper yourself by drinking a small cup of coffee or black tea.Qualitative and proper water is not a minor thing in the weight loss: only if the use of liquid calories burning process will be much faster.

Note to buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet, note to buckwheat diet

- buckwheat diet - a mono-diet, that is, it consists of a single product.Therefore, in order not to harm the health necessarily take vitamins.

Buckwheat diet, additional recommendations for effective weight loss

Fresh yogurt (made on the day of purchase, or no more than a day before it) can play the role of a mild laxative, but contributes to flatulence.Kefir, which for three days or more with accuracy but on the contrary: can lead to constipation.

In some varieties of buckwheat diet may have special nutritional supplement as soy sauce.But be careful with this, even if a particular seasoning, buckwheat can eat a lot more and the results of the diet will be less significant.So choose for yourself how you will be better.

Frankly, few can be satisfied only buckwheat for long two weeks.If, before the end of the diet is still a lot of time, and that buckwheat dream you have nightmares, you can afford a small amount of certain goodies such as:

- some dried fruit, dried apricots or prunes of your choice.Eat them as you can with buckwheat, and separately, as an additional reception priischi.Dried fruit will give your body more energy thanks to the abundance of vitamins and ensure the normal functioning of the brain;

- more fruits, preferably not sweet.For such a case is ideal grapefruit;

- a little salad of colored or regular cabbage, seasoned with olive oil;

- a little flower honey, which you can eat a bit of sugar with green tea.

Desired vegetables and unsweetened fruit eat separately from buckwheat or add them to cereal, thus giving it an unusual taste.

And a few more tips

Buckwheat diet and a few tips

- the lack of salt in the porridge provides excretion of excess water.Nevertheless, its acute shortage can lead to a deterioration of health, weakness and dizziness.So watch out your health and still add to the diet food small pinch of salt.Especially the presence of salt in the body is important in the summer or during intensive physical activity, during which it actively goes along with sweat secretions.

- if you feel tired, you find it difficult to concentrate and do mental work and the nature of your professional activities not directly related to mental work - do not despair, in such cases, you can identify yourself a teaspoon of honey.After eating it at once or spread out into small portions, you get a large portion of glucose, which provides the robot brain.

- all who prefer buckwheat diet should once and for all to remember: it is in any case no starvation!One should not feel hunger, so do not be afraid to add to the buckwheat onion, garlic and various spices.The main thing that even an ordinary person for buckwheat was tasty and appetizing.

- at the beginning of the diet weight cleared faster by leaving the body of water.But then disappear just fat cells - exactly what you need.Therefore, when the end of the first week will notice a significant change in the dynamics of weight loss, do not lose heart and do not be disappointed, because this is quite normal.In no case do not reduce the amount of cereal in the diet, as this may lead to a strongly negative consequences.

Sometimes, in the early days of weight loss is not observed at all.Why is this happening?

First, rapid weight loss will not be if you were sitting directly in front of buckwheat to another low-calorie diet.Dear woman, do not expect stunning results if soon you will be "critical days", because in preparing them vigorously your body will retain water.But if time passes, and the results of all there is, then it is likely that the buckwheat diet - is simply not an option for your weight loss.

Out of buckwheat diet and return to normal diet

How to eat after a buckwheat diet to not gain weight again?
while sitting on a low calorie diet our stomach tends to decrease, it's muscular body.So the first time, no need to over-stretch and overeat.To avoid painful and painful sensations, do not use fat and carbon food.

Out of the diet should gradually for at least a week.For breakfast eat boiled egg and some bread, cheese or plain.And for dinner, best suited to the hot soup broth with lean meat or fish;and for the evening meal, leave the same buckwheat.

After a while, you can safely eat chicken, fish and a variety of fruits, except bananas and grapes.


Buckwheat diet, contraindications

Before sits on buckwheat diet you should consult your doctor.This danger is a mono-diet for pregnant women, and people with low levels of hemoglobin.

Application buckwheat diet for therapeutic purposes

There is also a more benign view of buckwheat diet, which lasts only a week, and allows you to lose a couple of kilograms of excess weight.The diet sitting on this diet, in addition to the buckwheat must be present as yogurt or cheese (for breakfast), boiled meat and vegetables (for lunch).

Such a diet closer to normal, so will not cause a dramatic weight gain after the diet.

cleanse the body will help you discharge day on buckwheat porridge, during which, of course, you can eat only buckwheat without adding spices.

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin