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Cosmetics for pregnant women: what can and can not

Cosmetics for pregnant women: what can and can not Pregnancy makes a woman's body is completely rebuilt, while making it more susceptible to all the influences of the outside.For example, the skin quickly responds to the cosmetics that are applied to it.However, the use of various substances should comply with the measure, after the sharp increase of some micronutrients can affect the health of the fetus.What

in cosmetics should not be

Choosing makeup should carefully study its structure and avoid the one which contains:

-vitamin, retinol, fruit acids, in other words - the active components;

- essential oils;

- hormones;

-More than 2% sodium lauryl sulfate;

- mineral oil, causing dry skin;

- benzene.

choose new makeup alone during pregnancy is not desirable to tap.The fact that many harmless substances in low concentration, its increase and increase the risk of contraindications.As is known, manufacturers of cosmetics rarely indicate the percentage content of a constituent element.It is better to turn to for help doctor-dermatocosmetology.Th

at he will make a choice based on individual characteristics of women.If this is not possible, you can pay attention to the cosmetics, packaging which contains information about the absence of contraindications in pregnancy.

What cosmetic procedures there are contraindications

Doctors do not advise women during pregnancy aromatherapy, laser resurfacing, and wraps with active components.It is also contraindicated and other hardware procedure.You should also consult your doctor before performing foot massage, LPG, face cleaning and plasticizing masks, especially in the area of ​​the breast.

Pregnant women often experience an allergic reaction to cosmetics if their composition is detected zinc, mercury, hormones, parabens, as well as fruit acids.That is why the composition should look closely.The presence of essential oils is highly undesirable, however, they are allowed in the case of the percentage of very small.Otherwise, it also can also cause allergies.

basis of any means should include non-animal and vegetable fat.The only exception may be the shark oil or extract of the whale and shark fins.All other components of animal origin (bovine and porcine collagen, hyaluronic acid from rooster combs) often provoke itching and skin rashes.Hyaluronic acid, used in cosmetic products, can be derived from Streptococcus.In this case, you should familiarize yourself with the degree of cleaning.The label should be "high" level, and the number of endotoxins, in contrast, should be minimized.Such information certainly manufacturers specified in the certificate.

Until the baby is born, from the dense foundation should be abandoned, replacing it with a mineral powder.That it will help minimize the risk of clogging pores.As for the lips, it is better for them to choose a moisturizing balm pastel shades.

Pharmacies shortage of cosmetics for pregnant women there.In addition, many manufacturers of children's lines began production of means for moms.BABOR, Thal'ion - just those brands that have proved themselves in the production of quality products for pregnant women.It was there that represented an effective remedy for tired legs and stretch marks - just what the dream of many women "in position."If you have allergies to use the means necessary to stop as soon as possible to see his doctor.

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author publications: Leonid Guryev