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Diet for pancreatitis

Diet for pancreatitis

Pancreatitis - a serious disease of the digestive system.It is characterized by inflammation of the pancreas.Types of pancreatitis are divided into chronic and acute, with individual features, and treatment approach.

only one aspect they are combined: the need for a full review of diet and lifestyle in general.Of course, if you are not a fan of sharp pain, upset digestive discomfort or other unwanted effects, further exacerbated by the state of your health!

Diet person with pancreatitis, diet is very different from, say, for weight loss.Firstly, it you ever, instead of two weeks.And secondly, with a conscience can agree about the excess weight that threatens to retreat from the diet, but not inflamed pancreas, which immediately remind yourself!

What we know about pancreatitis

This disease is acquired, not inherited.And this is important because it increases the chances he had never sick.Of course, already ill person will have a lifetime to see to it that he eats and drinks, and give up all b

ad habits.

But if a person does not make a healthy liver and gallbladder work wear, poisoning them with alcohol and other toxins, as well as starvation, hard Slimming diets - the risk is much smaller.However, there is a risk to earn pancreatitis after abdominal trauma, or if the pancreas is infected with a virus.

How to determine at suspected pancreatitis:

Diet for pancreatitis, how to determine at suspected pancreatitis

  • sharp, cutting pain in the abdomen, is very strong, Amazing!- It is in acute pancreatitis.In the case of chronic pain is dull and aching;
  • Nausea, vomiting up to;
  • severe diarrhea, or (rarely) other violations of the chair;
  • strong rise in temperature;
  • Fast weight loss (sad bonus for those who brought himself to this state, overdone with diets, striving for harmony).

Do not expect to recover (rest in bed, God forbid - to endure!) At home if caught acute pancreatitis!Any sane doctor will lay you to the hospital.You need to be under medical supervision.If chronic pancreatitis and you aggravation, home treatment may be, but, again, with the blessing and under the supervision of your doctor.

categorically ruled self, it threatens to worsen the situation.You do not want to prevent complications?Life-threatening complications.For example, as pancreatic - melting tissue glands enzymes, i.e., iron begins to digest itself or peritonitis.

As for food, medical diet

Diet for pancreatitis, as regards food, medical diet

After a visit to a doctor, you will have to pass tests on the basis of which, the doctor will choose your individual diet.This also applies to medicines and food.The basic idea of ​​the diet - to simplify the work of digestion and calm the pancreas in order to reduce the pain to a minimum.

In any case, any decision of the doctor, be ready to forget about the most gastronomic habits (which, by the way, and have brought you to this state).It, first of all, is a frequent meal (at least 5-6 times a day), always in small portions (about 200-250 g).Especially for this recommendation is to listen at an exacerbation.

to minimally involve the work of digestion, the first time have to eat mashed food, and then, after calming down of the inflammatory process, the food will need to chew.

should increase the intake of proteins to prevent exhaustion due to a sharp decline in obtaining nutrients.Products such as meat, fish, dairy products should have about 140-150, in a single day.

also to reduce the force of the pancreas is to limit intake of fats and carbohydrates, which are flour products and sugary.The dose of carbohydrates - about 300 grams per day, for it is fat - 70-80 g

Brees on fish and meat, and cabbage juice is also excluded, since their aphrodisiac effect.Perhaps, at the time of exacerbation, the doctor deems appropriate 1-2 day fasting under their supervision, of course.

But have to drink a lot of fluids!The recommended rate - at least 2 liters of water (pure water instead).

And most importantly - completely abandon any tobacco and alcohol.

summarize what we exclude.

no need to lose heart at the sight of a list of products, which are excluded.Let encourages you to think that in this way you will quickly come to relief.It's just, proper nutrition, which is easy to get used to.

In acute excluded:

Diet for pancreatitis, an exacerbation of excluded:

• fish broth, mushrooms, meat and soups in these broths;

• Any fat "heavy" meat like lamb and pork, as well as poultry (except chicken).And all the rest of animal origin (offal, liver, etc.).Eggs, sausage, fatty fish and its eggs - the same concerns;

• No smoked meat and pickles!Acute and conservation - it is also impossible;

• Products consisting of fat itself, our favorite - bacon and mayonnaise;

• Dairy food with lots of fat (cream, for example);

• side dish of grits;

• Vegetables with a high acid content: cabbage, radishes, eggplant, sorrel, tomato, bell pepper.Also, onions and garlic;

• Fruits with a high acid content: citrus fruits, apples (sour varieties), grapes, cranberries;

• Sugar: chocolate, cakes, as well as carbonated beverages;

• Tea and coffee can be, but is not strong;

• Flour: baking (applies to bread), biscuits, pancakes.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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