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Manicure at home

Manicure at home It is believed that only a visit to a professional beauty salons and cosmetic surgeries to help create and maintain a perfect manicure.Great knowledge of experienced professi

onals, complemented by the presence of masses of different devices and instruments, causing the trust of customers.However, if desired, and some practice, perform a manicure at home yourself can be performed with excellent results, not different from executing a professional.

Long nails, having a beautiful and healthy appearance are usually the result of careful care.The process of nail care does not require too much time and attention, but it should be carried out regularly.Knowing the technology perform manicure and possessing some secrets, and you can get a great result at home.

tools and products for home manicure

The choice of different means for nail care and a variety of tools for the treatment of nails, an existing professional nail salons amazing.And sometimes it seems that it is easier to trust an experienced professional than to understand the purpose of all these bowls, spatulas, tongs and tools for manicure.

actually to perform high-quality manicure yourself, you need the availability of tools that comes with any standard set of manicure.

Getting manicure at home need the following tools:

1. Nail file is used only for the treatment of natural nails, and (if you wish), nail file for polishing.

2. Scissors used to remove the cuticle.

3. Pusher or trimmer manicure.

4. Cutters for leather.

5. pumice stone or ceramic nail file.

Of the funds for nail care is necessary to prepare:

1. The liquid used to polish remover and cotton pads or tampons.

2. wipes or a soft towel.

3. Special tools are used to nail bath or liquid soap plus a bath salt.

data set of tools and resources needed to implement performance manicure.This procedure takes from 30 minutes to an hour.Status hand, possession of the skills required and the result has a direct impact on the time required for the procedure.

process of executing a manicure at home

combination of the Latin words manus (hand) and cura (care) gave the name of manicure.Accordingly, the concept included a manicure hand care completely, not just nail treatment.Observance of the steps in the procedure manicure plays a huge role.In the treatment of nails required to comply with carefully to avoid injury of the nail plate during processing.The implementation of a manicure at home is performed strictly according to certain steps, following each other, without changes, to obtain the desired effect.

polish remover.

polish remover nail plate is the first step when performing a manicure.So, just to be cleaned not only nails, but also completely rid the hands of decorations, including jewelry.Removers performed using disks or cotton pads preimpregnated fluid varnish.Fluid polish should be without acetone.This avoids the problems of brittleness, fading and brittleness of the nails in the future.Acetone adversely affects the drying of the nails.

shaping and shine.

basis of a manicure shine and polish the desired shape.This can be achieved using appropriate nail files.It is necessary to remember an important rule: all the procedures related to the filing and grinding must be done with a completely dry nails.Wet nails have increased the vulnerability and processing can have negative consequences for the structure of the nail plate in the form of delamination of nails.

important nuance:

nail file must move in the same direction.Nail filing should take place from the side edges towards the center of the nail.

form of nails, you can give any, but it is necessary to take into account the shape of the fingers and nails condition themselves.The square shape is recognized as the most resistant to external influences.This form allows you to strengthen weak and brittle nails, using a cross-grinding.In addition, the fact square shape nail suited for thin arms and long fingers.It visually ukorachivaetnogti themselves fingers.Options oval suit complete owners of pens with small fingers.Thus, they can be not only rectangular but also pointed shape.

Polishing helps to give the nails a mirror shine, and the procedure is performed using a special nail files-polisher.Four different surface used to perform polishing is the main difference from the usual nail files.Ideally faces polisher should be numbered, for order of their application.


Before processing the cuticle is necessary to make the preparatory process.It consists in applying a special agent that softens the delicate skin of the nail plate.In addition, the fact the tool slows down the growth of the cuticle.Means to absorb enough 2-3 minutes.

to achieve greater effect, you can make a warm, nail bath with soap and water.In the absence of a special solution, it is possible to replace the conventional liquid soap and bath salts by adding a bowl of warm water.Two drops of liquid soap and a tablespoon of salt (no slides) will be sufficient.

After 5-10 minutes of exposure in a warm bath of hands begin to process the cuticle.Prefab pusher or trimmer for home manicure you will need to perform this procedure.

for immediate treatment is necessary to remove the cuticles of the fingers bowls and wet their Polotenchik or tissue.Using the rounded end of the pusher (trimmer) to gently push back the cuticles upward movement where the blade.Removing the remnants of cuticle to nail plate must be done with a sharp hand tool.These manipulations require extreme care to avoid damage to the nail plate and soft tissues.It is recommended that all actions produce processing cuticle from the center to the edge of the nail.

Depending on the state of the cuticle and the results obtained, and it is possible to produce accurate processing secondarily using appropriate scissors.To avoid the formation of burrs movement must be done very finely.


manipulation associated with the removal of burrs produced using nail cutters, intended to remove the skin.Such edge cutters may be either rounded or pointed.

important to know that when removing burrs can not pull!This can cause damage to the skin and cause the formation of sores.Burrs are removed quite easily if their little zaschipnut clippers.Small movements of well-aimed barbs need to smooth the edges.

Processing pads and over the fingertips

for processing calloused pads, calluses on the palms and sides of the fingers you need to use a ceramic nail file or pumice.You should avoid cutting the rough skin.Perform these actions unnoticed very difficult, and to hide the traces of this treatment is almost impossible.

Completion manicure at home

applying the cream on your hands is the final stage in the process of performing a manicure at home.The skin on the hands during application to it of a cream, for several minutes to give adequate moisture and food.Then you need to degrease the nails using nail polish remover tool.Cover the nail plate polish, if necessary.

manicure is complete!

few practical tips to perform manicure at home

Knowing a few secrets used in the implementation of the manicure at home will help to fulfill the process much easier and get a great result.

Choice nail files

making right choices nail files is crucial to preserve the beauty and health of nails.Fine-grained tool having a rounded shape is selected for fragile, weakened nail plate.The buffer zone of the tool during sawing and polishing the nail, will not disturb the structure.In the absence of problems with brittle nails can safely opt for sapphire nail file or sand.

Ideally, nail files should have an impeccable rubbing surfaces.Assessment tools necessary to make right with the purchase.You must hold your finger on the surface of the instrument.There should be no product quality speakers "grains of sand" and plots and is not acceptable that the product scratched.

brute nail files with a rough surface intended for processing and filing of artificial nails.

Never use iron tools.

Trim or zapilivaem

Some professionals recommend high-quality nail file to file your nails, without applying the procedure for cutting nails.According to them, it helps to prevent the process of separation and brittle nails.However, not everyone agrees with this decision.Such a method requires considerable time.A simpler and less time-consuming one is cutoff nail to a desired length, followed by filing the nail plate to the desired shape.

Tools for manicure at home you need to have the tools cutting edges were very sharp.For security reasons, is not allowed to use blunt instruments.Chances are good opportunities to get cut or wound because of the rough cutting of the skin in the cuticle.

home manicure should be performed every two weeks.After the procedure, all the tools you need to be treated with disinfectant.A solution of rubbing alcohol purchased in a pharmacy is quite suitable for this purpose.It is enough to wipe all the instruments with a cotton pad or swab soaked in disinfectant.

Performing manicure at home is not a very complicated procedure.With a few secrets, and get a little experience, you can become yourself a specialist in manicure.This will help save a lot of your time.It is important to remember regular nail care, the use of domestic baths, use of masks, nail a proper diet will help you stay beautiful and healthy.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva