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Diet -60kg

Diet -60kg

In fact, "Minus 60" - this is not a diet, but a complete system power.When you need to eat at certain times, observing the daily routine.

First of all, this diet is useful to people who are not able to give up some specific products, change your diet or eliminate a number of necessary substances entering the body.

you can afford any food, even the sweet and flour.But the main feature is that you need to stick to the regime of the day, and consume products in strictly designated time.

Specificity of "Minus 60"

To achieve the result must comply with certain rules, which developed the creator of the diet.Since

Three meals a day system, the process of food intake is divided into three stages: breakfast, lunch and dinner.If you prefer not to have lunch or dinner - you have to eat breakfast anyway.Even if you're used to do not usually eat breakfast.

This is very important.Its good for the body is invaluable.Breakfast plays an important role in metabolism and start burning calories.And breakfa

st in the large number of optional, quite a bit of cereal or some toast.

System "Minus 60" does not exclude alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea.However, we must replace the usual sugar, which can be used until 12:00 on brown or fructose.Reduce the amount doubled and eventually eliminate it altogether.

As regards alcoholic beverages, it is best to drink wine, are the most appropriate varieties of red and dry.And other drinks are permitted, provided that they are eating before dinner.

Power System "Minus 60" does not limit you to the sweet.Very happy sweet tooth.But strictly to 12:00, at a different time of day all the sweets banned.In addition, it is necessary to reduce the amount of consumed sweets and replace the milk chocolate to bitter.This is done in order to consume as little as possible of empty calories from large amounts of sugar.

For fans of white bread should be noted that it eats up to 14-13 hours.In the afternoon, go on rye.And do not just abandon the potatoes and pasta.Simply cut their volume and note that eat them separately from the meat.And at lunchtime.

Diversify your diet, because exist a lot of other side dishes: a variety of mixed vegetables, whole grains (such as rice, millet, buckwheat).

amount of water leave unchanged.The body itself will require as much water as it needs.Everything must be harmonious, because excess water causes swelling, heaviness, discomfort, and thirst disrupt metabolism.

"Minus 60" suggests not eat after 18 hours.However, it is taken into account and the time you go to bed.If you go too late - move Dinner for two hours in advance.However, in any case, it should be up to 20 hours.Ideal for dinner is an easy food, it is not necessary to burden the stomach.Such as: vegetables, cereals, dairy products and milk.


Diet -60kg menu

example breakfast:

cereal with milk (any kind of cereals), cheese sandwich, tea;

omelet with any kind of greens, sausage sandwich, a cup of coffee;

stew of vegetables with low-fat chicken, a small piece of white bread, coffee;

macaroni and cheese, cookies and tea.

Snack or lunch:

a couple of slices of cheese, bread or bran toast, coffee;

slice of bread with cheese or pate, coffee;

nonfat yogurt, green tea;

one banana, fruit juice.

dining options:

soup without meat (vegetarian option) with potatoes, stewed steak, green beans, tea;

cream of pumpkin and broccoli cream, goulash with heart and sauerkraut, fruit compote;

soup meat without potatoes, leg of chicken, stew, vegetables, fruit juice;

vermicelli soup with vegetables, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, green tea.

dinners Example:

vegetable salad with vegetable oil, black tea;

chicken leg without skin, tea;

curd pudding steamed tea;

cheese with kiwi and apple tea.

In general, the basic principles of diet is not difficult.But with the caveat that in addition necessary physical activity, at least for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week.

order to avoid the negative consequences is to develop a system of training with an instructor, especially if you have health problems.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva