What you can and can not be pregnant

You can not be champagne or pregnant?

You can or can not be pregnant champagne Champagne pregnant women is strictly forbidden, because it contains alcohol, which can damage the patent protection of the child, and even though it is considered a wine for pregnant women it nelzya.Dazhe if the placenta and protect the baby from the many negative impacts, but to the power of influencealcohol on the baby she is powerless.

Frequent use of champagne and other alcoholic beverages to protect the fetus is simply not cope with the influence of the huge amount of harmful substances, and all these harmful substances can get inside the child.Later, that further development of the fetus can occur with pathologies.As a result, after the kids are born with weak immune systems, and even possible violation of physical development.For this reason, doctors forbid pregnant women drink alcohol in any form.

author of the publication: Victoria Teterina