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Bathing grudnichka

Bathing grudnichka Immediately after eating grudnichki sleep.For this to bathe the baby before feeding better.As a rule, this is the last feeding before the night's sleep - in 22.00.By the process of swimming at this time can join and dad.The baby in the bath did not experience the discomfort of hunger before the water treatments can give him juice.As soon as the child will grow up and go to sleep after eating will not bathe your baby, you can just before bedtime.

Swimming need to preheat and to see to it no matter what happens drafts.Usually eto- kitchen and spacious bathroom.

washing baby

Obmyvanie- is washing the face and lower body.It is recommended to replace washing the swimming in the very first days of life until the wound is not delayed by the umbilical cord.In wintertime there is no need for daily bathing.At this time, swimming 2 times during the week will be enough.In the remaining days - wash.Some mothers are afraid to bathe yourself very small child, not afraid to hold a slippery body.The child, feelin

g her mother's uncertainty, too, will behave restlessly.In such cases, too, it is recommended to start with daily washing - not yet get used and gain experience.Sometimes Mom bathing baby lay in the bath until then, until the baby learns to sit alone.

wash the baby comfortable on your lap or lay on a table for swaddling.The baby was comfortable, put under the oilcloth, which laid out with a table, a soft pillow or folded several times a blanket.Washing process happens so:

soft cotton swab or a damp cloth, wipe the baby's face and head.Then gently lather body.And then several times wiped with a clean cloth.Skinfold special attention.The baby's head is not necessary to wash every day.Once a week is enough.

Bathing the baby in the bath

is important to prepare well before bathing.Next to the tray have to be a towel, baby soap, cloth and wool, baby oil and powder, a set of clothes.So you do not have to carrying a child to go to another room for a towel or other accessories.

bathe the child is usually in a specially purchased for this purpose bath.But it is possible in an enamel basin.Sometimes bathed in a large tub, but it is not hygienic and not comfortable - too low have to bend.Small bath put on the table - so it was convenient to sit next to him, or to stand without leaning.At the bottom lay a diaper - that little body of the child from sliding along the bottom.By putting the head in a folded four times diaper.The water should be between 33 to 38 degrees - comparable to body temperature.At first, until you learn to confidently support the child in the tub did not pour a lot of water.You will be added after you feel that bathing has ceased to be something complex and difficult.

process begins with a little face wash fleece.Then wash the head.Be careful.Keep soapy water does not enter the baby's eyes.Then the soap and wash the whole body of the child.Pulling out of the bath, pat (but do not rub) the child's skin with a towel.If the umbilical wound still has not healed - treat it with a sterile solution.After a while you will notice as bathing will bring pleasure to you and your child.

Care auricles, eyes, mouth and nails

avoid causing injury child's ears may be washed only on the outside - the ears.And never - auditory canal.All of sulfur and mud ejected from the ear canal invisible hairs.On this cotton swab to wipe the ear - is enough.If the eyes are healthy, there are no hygiene procedures on them do not need to do.All the dirt and dust from the surface of the eye is removed the tears that are produced constantly tear glands.The mouth is also no need for special procedures.Just inspect it regularly to spot any signs of sores that often bothers newborn babies.

convenient to trim nails when the baby sleeps.Instead of scissors is better to use small tweezers.

Care nasal cavity

Spout child has a system of self-purification.And you have to monitor the cleanliness of the outside of the nose only.If you notice that a child sneezes or tert pen tip, gently and quickly clean it from dirt and slime cotton flagellum.

If the mucus dries up, and it accumulates a lot, nose breathing can be difficult.Older children will switch to mouth breathing.Babies do not make it.On this watch carefully to your child's nose was always clean.

Powders and Oils

There is a wide variety of all kinds of oils after bathing and powders for infants.Using them makes sense, if your child irritable skin.Pour a little powder on his hand lightly apply it to the well-dried skin folds - in the groin and armpits.If your baby's skin is prone to dryness, apply for this purpose any baby oil.When the baby is healthy, care for his infant skin no additional funding is needed.Otherwise, nature would have taken care of it.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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