What you can and can not be pregnant

Is it possible for pregnant women to drink beer?

Is it possible for pregnant women to drink beer The answer is simple - no!Beer contains alcohol, which adversely affects the further development of the fetus.It happens that pregnant madly want to make even a sip of the drink, even if it previously did not use it at all.In this case it is possible to do a favor and have a coveted drink.But with regular use of alcohol, the child may be born with pathological changes.

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of premature birth, pathological changes in the child (developmental delay, anomalies of the face, organ failure), the risk of miscarriage.How will the spirits of a child depends on many factors - the state of the pregnant woman, the genotype of the fetus, the susceptibility to alcohol and more.

Due to the increased risk to the health of unborn baby, experts recommend to refrain from the use of absolutely all alcoholic beverages.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov

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