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Gums in infants

Gums in infants the question should look like healthy gums answer any dentist - pale pink, smooth, without any lumps and cracks.Today, a great luck to meet a man with a perfectly healthy gums, including children.White gums in children - a fairly common phenomenon.

Usually we do not pay proper attention to the existing problems with the gums, as most diseases do not have pronounced symptoms, and therefore goes unnoticed.If, however, there are unpleasant and painful, it often indicates only that the disease started and already at a late stage.That's why the white gums in children should be treated seriously.

more dangerous white gums?

Each of us at least once faced with the redness of the gums and knows that this is the result of an inflammatory process.As unpleasant white plaque on the gums, to determine the exact cause of its occurrence is quite difficult.But to ignore the problem of white gums in any case it is not necessary, because the white coating can be a symptom of various diseases.In young children, brigh

t gums are often a sign of such widespread diseases as stomatitis.Stomatitis - the defeat of the oral mucosa.Stomatitis itself not serious, but occurs very painful.In the absence of proper and timely treatment, white patches can turn into ulcers throughout the oral cavity, which makes it incredibly painful and edematous, especially during meals.For this reason, it is extremely important to notice the first signs of the disease and to take the necessary measures to effectively combat it.

main reasons for the appearance of white gums are:

• stomatitis;

• diabetes;

• candidiasis or thrush;

• cyst;

• cancer of the gums;

• HIV infection.

As you can see, white gums in children are manifestations of various diseases, and not just the mouth.When stomatitis gums turn white due to the thin layer of unpleasant purulent plaque that covers them.At the initial stage stomatitis easy to cure - enough to periodically rinse the mouth, as well as special diet, are excluded from the child's diet spicy, salty and sour food, which can injure oral mucosa.

White gums may also be a symptom of thrush, a disease that provokes the fungus Candida.The disease is equally susceptible to both children and adults.Thrush is considered a disease of infants, since it is in infants it occurs more often.Newborns infected with candidiasis during delivery, when his mother was a carrier.Thrush in adults is often the result of taking antibiotics, so that was broken microflora and trigger the growth of the fungus.Therefore, taking antibiotics, it is necessary to think about taking antifungal drugs.

If you find your child's white gums, be sure to consult your dentist.The doctor will help establish the cause of this problem, because each disease, provocative whitening gum, requires an individual approach to treatment.A visit to the doctor should not be delayed and due to the fact that white gums may indicate dangerous diseases such as diabetes or HIV infection.That is why under no circumstances should not self-medicate, and without delay to consult a specialist.

author of the publication: Rostislav Belyakov