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Is it possible to infants honey

Is it possible to infants honey storehouse of vitamins and minerals, natural treats and just a useful product - honey, and still causes a lot of controversy concerning its use in food nursing mothers and infants.

in II century pediatricians recommended for feeding babies to use honey.It was believed that he has a positive effect on the digestive system of the child.Ancient Egyptian Aesculapius, it was noted that honey is good for the mental and physical abilities.Therefore, it was supposed to give students.The Spaniards now produce a mixture of foods for infants based on honey.Many Russian families Honey is also used as a useful and tasty additive to infant formula.

However, the results of studies conducted by the British Agency for Food standards (FSA), it follows that the systematic consumption of honey to 1.5 children -2 years, in some cases, leads to a rare disease "infant botulism".The poisoning of the organism causes the poison botulinum toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which the immune system is weak ki

ds can not handle.Agency in their statements not recommended for children under 2 years of medical or products containing it.

Many mothers on the basis of widely advertised allergenic properties of honey, trying to completely eliminate it from the diet is not only young children, but also students.Although in most cases diathesis and allergic reactions can be a consequence of consumption of very different foods.In this case, the growing child loses a large proportion of his right to mental and physical development of natural carbohydrates.To identify a product containing allergen causing the child has diathesis, best daily diary, which maintains a list of products that make up the kid's menu.

So how come mothers?Unexplored botulism and allergy absolute guarantee against the use of honey.The guide in making such a serious decision - whether or not to give honey to the child?

Literate pediatricians on this issue give satisfactory answers.

When properly breastfed baby does not feel the need for complementary feeding or drinking.A balanced diet allows a nursing mother with baby getting breast milk necessary for the growth and activity of the substance.Breast milk is rich in all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.If the amount received by the baby milk enough, the lure is not required.

by introduction of complementary foods into the diet of a baby, you should consult your pediatrician.Despite the fact that the child has received as an additive to food groundbait mix, replenishment menu baby honey should be clearly justified and approved by the child's doctor.The specialist will help determine the need and the rate of tasty additions.

For children prone to frequent rashes diathesis, or the possibility of allergic reactions to inherit from relatives, it is desirable to completely eliminate from the diet of honey to achieve a more adult age.

carefully weigh the pros and cons, you should not lose sight of the fact that the honey must necessarily be of natural origin.Without knowing the products and brands, it is better not to buy the product.Only proven product you can give your child.

begin bait honey have to with caution - with small doses.It is necessary to monitor the possible reactions of the body of the child to the new product.Optimum first dose of honey - a quarter of a teaspoon.Mixing can be familiar to the baby gruel, cheese and tea.The heated above 60 degrees to give the baby honey is not recommended.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov

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