What you can and can not be pregnant

You can do massage for pregnant women?

Various gentle touch to the body with fragrant oils can not leave anyone indifferent.No woman who would refuse a good massage.Since ancient times, people knew about the benefits of using rubbing and massage as treatment and prevention of many diseases.In ancient medical practice in India, China and Egypt with the help of massage facilitates fatigue and pain expectant mothers.Back in those days, healers and physicians aware of the importance of those specific processes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman.

beneficial effects of massage is undeniable.However, there is a big difference between a procedure carried out for the common man and a pregnant woman.Future mother first and foremost concerned about the safety of the child in the womb.Doctors claim that professional massage will not harm your baby and recommend doing these procedures for pregnant women.

Who and where it can do massage for pregnant women?

First of all, you need to pay attention to what to decide whether you can do you a mas

sage should not be alone.To begin with personal advice gynecologist, who is registered pregnant.It must be remembered that in addition to the general contraindications to massage, there are also individual characteristics of pregnancy.Just watch your doctor on the basis of analyzes and other examinations of the body, based on its experience and expertise can make a decision on the benefits or harm for a particular massage pregnant.

main general recommendations for pregnancy massage are:

• Refrain from the active application of the procedure in the first trimester, and sometimes do not do massage.After all, there are certain "abort" areas of the body (in the coccyx, sacrum and heel, as well as in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon), improper exposure to which can cause spontaneous abortion).
• Professional massage with an active impact on some parts of the body in the critical periods of pregnancy or emotional state of the mother should be replaced by independent massage movements (stroking and rubbing).This lightweight version and relax mom and the baby will not hurt, and will bring benefit.
• Massage to influence the future mother should always be accompanied by a soft, soothing and gentle movements, without pressure and pressing.
• Land pregnant body, which is permissible exposure is the shoulder girdle and neck (reduced load on the spine, increasing the enrichment kislogodom brain tissue), arms and legs (improves blood circulation throughout the body and the work of all bodies).

Movement during a massage performed by hands relaxed, excluded any pressure on the area.All hand movements should be slow, smooth and tender.Stroking sections back, buttocks and lower extremities are performed rhythmically, but not fast.When grinding do not use tissue kneading techniques.The desired vibration is created not on the edge of the palm and fingers.Belly of pregnant massaged not ever!A woman alone if desired stroking it.Not to numb the lower limbs, a massage is better to lay a pillow under them.The procedure itself should not exceed 45 minutes in duration.

massage loosens tension and pain in the back and hips of a pregnant woman, relaxes the muscles of legs and feet.The procedure helps to relieve stress and fatigue, reduces swelling, improves blood circulation and enrichment of the fetus with oxygen and nutrients.

If you want to feel the warmth and affection of her husband touching, massage can make you and a loved one in the home, it is possible.Only in the beginning it will be necessary to learn the basic techniques of the procedure.This massage will be even more favorable for the moms, it will create a harmonious atmosphere in the family, enable women to relax and trust in the hands of her husband's favorite.After all, in addition to the physical effects, the procedure carries a significant psycho-emotional component.Massage soothes and relaxes, the woman produced happiness hormones - endorphins, increases the mood, a feeling of lightness and strength, fatigue and tension disappears.

Over at different stages of pregnancy massage techniques will vary.If all procedures at first pregnancy a woman can take the lying on his stomach, then later, with the development of the fetus is changing.Since the end of the second trimester to go on pregnant belly will have desirable.It has to be either in a sitting position (on a chair, leaning against the back of his hands), or lying on his side on the couch.Only in this position the therapist can knead her legs, hips, back and shoulder girdle.Also, during pregnancy should abandon all vibrating electrical massage devices (different elektropoyasa and myo-stimulators).This can adversely affect the baby.

in the later stages of gestation and just before birth will be used by the other has massage techniques that will ease the burden of the ever-increasing weight of the fetus in the pelvic muscles and back brace, as well as encourage and facilitate labor.Most often, such a procedure carried out by experts in order to facilitate the pain and relieve stress mom.In later stages, doctors also recommend massaging the genitals, it will allow authorities to prepare a huge load and prevent the emergence of gaps in labor.Already directly in childbirth a special massage waist vmestes primeneneniem with proper breathing can significantly anesthetize contractions accelerate and facilitate childbirth.

If you - a fan of aromatherapy and want to massage with rubbing essential oils, be sure to first carry out a rapid test for allergies.Dropping a few drops of oil on the skin at the inner surface of arms at the elbow wait body reaction (may receive burning, redness of the skin) for 12 hours.If a negative reaction is not followed, the oil can be used.Do not be afraid to use oil of lavender and cypress - they help relieve swelling from the lower limbs, and the oil extract of cedar and juniper help prevent varicose veins.

Recall the list of basic diseases in which massage is contraindicated in pregnant women and men.

General contraindications to the use of massage:

1. acute respiratory disease and other respiratory diseases
2. various blood diseases
3. fever
4. various diseases of the skin
5. presence of any ulcers
6. running varices, a predisposition tothe emergence of different types of thrombosis
7. severe inflammation of blood vessels and lymph nodes
8. chronic heart disease
9. Some of bowel disease
10. different diseases of the abdominal cavity
11. strengths and acute back pain
12. diseases of the respiratory system (asthma)
13. large swelling and overall fluid retention throughout the body
14. presence of tumors (including benign)
15. chronic inflammation of the bone marrow

Besides all these major contraindications, there are individual associated with pregnancy, andand psychological contraindications.In some cases, foreign to the body of the pregnant woman touching her uncomfortable, then why not limited samomassazhnymi movements.

author of the publication: Ivan Kudryavtsev