What you can and can not be pregnant

You can swim or not pregnant? The benefits of swimming is known to all.Not to mention the fact, which is very nice on a hot day a dip in the cool water - river, sea or lake.Water not only cleanses the body, for a long time people were known its beneficial and curative properties.However, swimming in natural bodies of water can not always be useful, sometimes fun and pleasure from it should be abandoned.Especially carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons" in favor of bathing need to expectant mothers, because they run the risk of harm not only their health but also the health of their child.Therefore, let us consider in detail the situation where swimming is still not worth it.

1. You do not differ a special ability to swim, and the water in the pond is unclear.In this case it is quite difficult to assess the depth of the pond.And the reverse situation - in the bottom of a pond with crystal clear water always seem closer than it really is.In such cases, you need to beware not only pregnant, but others are not very good swimmers - esp

ecially the beach "wild";

2. In the water, a lot of slime, and the pond was overgrown with weeds.Plunge into a body of water can be, but to swim to a depth not worth it;

3. The water is too cold.The water temperature should be at least 22 degrees, in this case decreasing the risk of seizures.Otherwise, bathing should be abandoned;

4. The vaginal discharge there are traces of blood.This is certainly not to swim, especially for women with a diagnosis of "the risk of abortion."If we really want - you can wander through the knee-deep water, but not in the sun and not too hot weather.

When you can not swim, understood.And how better to swim - a swab or without him?If you can swim only month with a tampon, but pregnant women because this situation is not threatening.Even a little water gets into the vagina - the fruit is protected mucous plug at the entrance to the uterus and amniotic bubble.But this applies only to bodies of water with clean water.

swim Where better to expectant mothers - at sea or in fresh water?Definitely, in the sea.Sea water has a beneficial effect on the body, and in addition, different high salt content, which is much reduces the risk of the spread of infectious diseases.There are even methods of treatment of diseases of sea water, it is very common in expensive resorts and luxury spa.Perhaps a simple bathing and not as efficient as thalassotherapy, but the general condition of the body's state of health and a positive impact.

And if you do not swim in the river, and in the sea and in the pool?Dear future mothers, this method is preferable in all respects.Either the pool are always providers and trainers who are ready, if necessary, provide assistance.Furthermore, the pool water is safe from infectious standpoint.Let the water purification and use bleach - small its contents in the water will not harm pregnant women.By the way, the water from the tap, it also contains.Not only need to dive without the glasses - chlorine adversely affects the cornea of ​​the eye, and do not forget to take a shower after swimming in the pool.

Therefore, dear future mothers, if you love to swim - do not give up favorite activities, as swimming - it is not only pleasant, but also one of the most useful exercises bracing!

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin

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