For infants

Gymnastics for babies

Gymnastics for babies Complex exercise, optimized for babies.Planning Basics med.gimnastiki massage and infants.

1. Massage of shoulder girdle child.Basic massage techniques - stroking, a total of 6 - 8.

2. Lifting the baby from the position on the back.

3. Foot massage using stroking movements.Total massage effect to 8.

4. Exercise protective reflex in a horizontal position on the stomach.The duration of exercise for 15-20 seconds.

5. Massage the back-stroke infants, 4-5 massage effects.

6. Exercise on a reflex of the extensor muscles of the back, 2-3 march on each side.

7. Massage of the abdominal child.Movements are performed strictly according to the clockwise direction, bypassing the right upper quadrant (liver projection).Stroking massage techniques: a circular motion 5-6, 5-6 hands are moving towards each other 5-6 times along the slanting line from the periphery to the center (engage obliques).It ends this complex again by five in a circular motion.

8. Exercise for abdominal muscles, 2-3 repetitions.

9. Foot massage stroking movements of the child.The total number of movements - 5-6.

10. Exercise reflexes on the feet.Achieved flexion and extension feet at a time (2-4).

11. Exercise reflex of repulsion.Grudnichok fit into position for the crawl.Performed 2 to 4 times.

12. Massage the chest of the child.Massage movements -poglazhivanie in the circumferential direction and vibration.The number of repetitions - 5-6.

13. Exercise reflex walk.It is performed in a standing position with repetitions to 2-4 times.

14. Shake handles.

15. «Folding" the child in the position of "embryo" - his hands pressed to his chest, his legs closer to his stomach, his head as close to your chest tighten.While holding this position, shake grudnichka 2-3.

16. Skating child on the ball.

nuances in the technique of therapeutic exercises and secrets of massage techniques for each child.A detailed description of exercises for babies.

Detailed analysis of exercises and massage techniques.

1. Massage the upper body baby.Baby is placed on the back of the legs to the person performing the massage.Put your child thumb of one hand, which he is required to seize due grasping reflex.Follow the massage with the opposite hand.Then do the opposite - give the baby to grasp your finger of the other hand and do the reception with his free hand.The massage is performed by brush to armpit total of 6-8 times.

2. Transfer of a baby lying on his back in the upright position.Encourage your child to immediately grab handles for your two thumbs while holding the rest of the brush with your fingers.Slowly and carefully pull grudnichka itself, causing it to rise.The children usually perform this exercise with joy and without fatigue.Each time, increase the angle of elevation of the baby.The duration of the exercise, you can start with a few seconds, and slowly bring up to 1 minute.You can repeat 7-8 times.When the exercise of praise and cheered baby.

3. Foot massage using stroking movements.The child is in the position as in the massage of the shoulder girdle.Massage is performed left leg with his right hand, left hand fixes the leg itself.The right leg is holding right hand.Stroking is performed in a direction from the ankle to the hip baby on a back-outer surface of the legs, avoiding the kneecap and the front of the leg, resulting in the groin crease.Total massage effect as in the hand massage.

4. Exercise protective reflex of the situation on the abdomen.The child is placed on the tummy with the focus on the handle, feet wide apart divorced.The essence of the protective reflex is that the child is in such a position will reflexively raise its head and rotate it to the side.This exercise trains the muscles nice neck and chest, and is recommended in performing before a meal.Each time capacity occurs runtime from a few seconds to ten or twenty minutes.

5. Massage the back-stroking grudnichka.A child in the position in the stomach, your hands are supporting him in the chest.The back surface of the hand massage performed stroking motion of the skin of the back in the direction from the sacrococcygeal region to the neck area, then in the opposite direction.The number of repetitions up to 5 times.At the age of a child under 2 months stroking held with one hand, his other hand gently holds the baby, because he still can not keep himself in good position in the abdomen.For children over that age stroking movements performed with both hands, because these children do not need to be committed under the prone position.

6. Exercise on a reflex of the extensor muscles of the back.Holding the child's hand on the leg, put him on the flank.Stroking movements in the longitudinal direction along the spine lead with two fingers on the lumbosacral region to the top of the spine and back.This exercise activates specific talents reflex skin of the back and very well strengthen the extensor muscles of the back.Exercise is repeated, putting the child on the other side.

7. Massage of the abdominal child.The child lies on his back.The following stroking massage techniques abdomen:

- 5-6 movements of hands in a circle.Movements are performed strictly according to the clockwise direction, bypassing the right upper quadrant, where the projected area of ​​the liver.

- 5-6 times the hands are moving towards each other.This exercise favors the discharge of gas in the intestines and normalizes impaired motility of.Carried out as follows - the right hand is placed on the upper left hand square grudnichka abdomen and the back surface of the left hand on the lower right quadrant, and slow movements of the hands move counter to the meeting in the umbilical region.

- 5-6 times along the oblique line on the periphery of the abdomen (posterolateral upper surface of the body) to the center.With this type of exercises are utilized maximally obliques.

complete this complex gymnastic again several circular motion around the navel.Massage the abdomen can be used separately from the entire set of exercises as a means to help with colic and difficulty defecating.Under no circumstances can not be carried out when it is running strong and sharp movements.

8. Exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.The child is in position on the back of the legs to you.Under the head and back grudnichka swipe his hands and his feet Abut his stomach.Slowly raise the baby with both hands to a sitting position, then return it to the prone position.At the same time, check for support from the legs of the child.This exercise is well prepared for subsequent breast-baby seat.

9. Foot massage baby with stroking movements.At the same starting position, lift the baby's leg and secure it with your hand under the shin.Second hand clasp foot baby so that your thumb is on the sole, and the index and middle on the rear of the foot.Drawing thumb eight, run from the fingers to the heel 5-6 times.Repeat on the other leg, hold your opposite hand.

10. Exercise for the foot muscles responsible for flexion and extension.Fast compression movements act on the sole in the toe area, in response to a reflex that occurs finger flexion.During the compression effects on the outer edge of the foot occurs reflex extension of fingers.Exercise is repeated 3-4 times.

11. Exercise reflex of repulsion or "frog".The child is placed on the stomach with diluted sideways knees, feet are close to one another.Position recalls sitting frog.Avoid excessive pressure on the child in a position to avoid the trauma of fragile joints.The fingers of your hands slid under the back surface of the foot, the thumbs touch the soles of both.This activates the reflex crawling the child - the baby abruptly straightens legs, trying to promote and crawl forward.When performing gymnastic exercises need to make sure that the child lying on the comfortable solid and secure in terms of incidence surface.Your hands should not break away from the table, otherwise the baby will not be able to budge.

12. Massage the chest of the child.In the position on the back grudnichka spend stroking motion of the breast skin the baby at the same time with both hands, with the direction of the right-hand in the direction clockwise from the lower third of the sternum through the armpit, the center of the collarbone and back.Movement of the left hand mirror.To activate the respiratory center is cutting not intensive pressure on both hands clenched chest child.Massage techniques are made to repeat 5-6 times.

13. Exercise "walking."The child picks up in a vertical position, the crown to him, with a slight tilt forward.Feet should touch the baby's solid surface.Hold grudnichka and let him go ahead.It is important to ensure that the child drew a full foot and walked on tiptoe.

14. Shake handles.The child has a little tired of the gym and massage, so held a slight shaking of his hands.If you have children in the first 4 weeks of life tone arms does not allow this exercise, do not run it by force, and set aside for a while, until ripen the nervous system of the baby.Spend shakes instead of the simple stroking movement handles.

15. Rocking grudnichka in a fetal position.This exercise will require you some skill.The baby is placed on his back, his hands and feet are captured by one of your hand.At the same time strictly to his knees were divorced, and the feet are connected.Other fixes your hand grudnichka head to his chest.Held rocking the baby in such a position in different directions 2-3.This exercise "dolls" promotes the proper development of the nervous system of an infant and his body balance.Acceptable performance of rocking for 3-4 times a day.

16. Rounding out complex studies with infants exercise on the ball.It uses a large color beach ball.The baby is placed belly down on the ball, legs fixed wide.The ball is slightly cautious start to rotate in different directions.Do not use a large range of motion of the ball, as grudnichok can slip and fall off it and get the stress instead of pleasant sensations.Perform this exercise should be as long as it maintains a child without the vagaries.Rocking gently on the ball engages all the muscle groups and child well-coached by the vestibular apparatus.

total duration of massage and gymnastics for infants is about a quarter of an hour.However, this does not mean that every time a child must necessarily bear a fixed time and perform all the exercises, even against his will and mood.Massages and gymnastics should bring positive emotions and not be satisfied until exhaustion child.

We have a set of massage techniques and gymnastic exercises can be performed in full, and for the selective development of certain muscle groups.Massage should be postponed until the next time, if the child has observed the phenomenon of cold, if the child has not in the mood, if he is capricious and does not want to communicate.In such cases, it will be enough to perform some of the exercises and not the whole complex.It is also considered possible to perform massage and gymnastics for infants in several approaches for the whole day.

important point when performing massage and exercise is to provide the child positive emotions from the exercise itself and communicating with an adult.Since it is a good mood for the procedure will encourage the baby they desire to have longer and more often.

Remember that all of your massage techniques and gymnastics for children as young children should be carried out gently, without haste, with a small amplitude, without sharp and strong pressing, and always with a smile and a friendly mood to kid.

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin