For infants

Juice for infants

Parents often arise issues related to feeding infants juices: when, how much you can give infants juice, which product is preferred - fresh juice or a product of the preparation of the factory.

When children start to feed juices

Juice for infants Russian Institute of Nutrition recommends not to feed the children juices at too early an age.This can cause disruption of the intestine, or cause allergies.Nutrition Institute advises parents to give infants juice from 3 months (if there is breastfeeding) and 2 months when children are given artificial nutrition.

first juice

We must start with the juice of one type of fruit, not mixing with others.Already in the age of three months allowed to drink apple juice (exclusive of green apples) and pear, separated from the pulp.

first portion - half a teaspoon, then the volume is gradually increased.When feeding, it is necessary to monitor the reaction grudnichka.When the skin rash should contact your pediatrician.A couple of weeks the juice, which was a reaction of the body

in the diet does not include only feed juices of the same type of fruit.A positive result may be given drink from a different type of fruit.

Methods juices

juice factory can produce and homemade.We must know that the factory juices are made by special technology, excluding stabilizers, dyes and other harmful substances.Products undergo stringent quality checks.

with preparing the juices should adhere to the following rules:

- Products and cups for cooking juice should be clean;

- must carefully separate the juice from the pulp.For this purpose, the gauze folded in four layers.The presence of the pulp can cause loose stools in a child.Juice with pulp can be given a little later, when there will be fruit puree;

- to get the juice it is necessary to use only products grown without chemicals.At the slightest suspicion is necessary to refuse from the processing of suspicious fruits.


child per day can be given a certain amount of juice:

- the first portion (after 3 months) - half a teaspoon;

- after 5 months - 70 ml;

- after 6 months - 100 ml;

- after 7 months - 150 ml;

- after 8 months - 200 ml;

- from 9 to 12 months - 250 ml.

reaction to the juice

There are juices, which are not recommended to give kids at an early age.These are products from oranges, tomatoes, cherries, strawberries.They can provoke allergies.You can try to include juices from these foods after 6 months.

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin

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