For infants

Testicles in newborns

Envelopes for newborns testicles in men - a steam iron, which is responsible for the production of male sex cells called sperm and sex hormones androgens.Their main function - vnutresektornye and vneshnesektornye.Hormones produced by glands enter immediately into the bloodstream.

Forming such an important cancer begins in the womb, in the period from 10 to 17 weeks.Initially, they are formed in the abdomen of the child, but then as you get closer to the birth takes them descended into the scrotum on the inguinal canal.These channels are intended only for this purpose and then over time they grow together to cover the testicles and securely lock them in the scrotum.

It is natural and normal state of affairs.But there are situations where, for whatever reason, a testicle, or even two, just do not put it in the lowered position.In medicine, this phenomenon is called - cryptorchidism.The reason for this may be that, in fact, to the testicles attached muscles and, if necessary, these muscles are able to pull up the testicles

into the abdominal cavity.Such a situation can occur in infancy.The fact that the work of these muscles, such that even the slightest irritation of the scrotum and the child they can work.Usually young mom immediately panic if you do not find the child in the scrotum testicles.Do not do that - you need to consult a primary care pediatrician - it will indicate the reason.

Still, the position of the testicles in the scrotum should be closely monitored and periodically feel it.A positive result - if it is always the testicles in the scrotum, or occasionally fall into it.This suggests that the passage of time, they will fall back on all the time.The scrotum - a sort of capacitor that maintains a temperature 1.5 degrees less than the entire human body.Such conditions are optimal for the development and functioning of the testes.But if the child I cryptorchidism and testicles are ryushnoy cavity at a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, the medium can lead to the fact that the male testes cells are destroyed.And this in turn will lead to male infertility.

There is also a likelihood that the traumatizing they gradually reborn into a malignant tumor.So that the operation is a must!Usually right after the child can take home.But it must be done starting from 2-3 years - then the children tolerate it very easily.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva