What you can and can not be pregnant

You can or can not ride a bike pregnant?

Many girls before pregnancy were engaged in active sports, one cycling.Sometimes it is difficult to change their habits and desires.No one can say with 100% certainty whether the pregnant woman can engage in cycling, as were the bad cases and positive.For every woman, it is better to discuss with the doctor personally, you can ride a bike or not.

Many European scientists positively expressed against such loads for pregnant women, while the niche specialists refer to this cautious or even very negative.Western scholars of conception have a positive attitude to the fact that a woman during pregnancy leads an active lifestyle, but should take into account the fact that medicine is more advanced there.

In any case, everything must be approached with a reasonable point of view, can not in any way to ride a bike for the first time, or to drive with all the urine on uneven roads, as the shaking may result in negative or even tragic consequences.On the other hand, a small calm, confident walk can benefit p

regnant, as when cycling it receives a large amount of oxygen that affects the productive state of health and well-being of her child.Another advantage is that such trips can be seen as muscle training that will certainly help ease childbirth.

In no case should not forget that the road should have a rough road surface, and to be away from the road, where not only polluted the air, but also have the opportunity to get under the car, such as the walk should not be long.In various European countries, for example in Vienna, set up special bike lanes, even with perfect coverage, therefore, western experts only supports the desire of pregnant women.As our road this not suggest, be very careful and attentive to the place of his outing, remember.What you are responsible not only for their own, but also for the health of the child.

So to decide to make your cycling or not, once again carefully weigh and consider all aspects:

1. Personal health status

2. The health status of the child (in the first and the second case it is necessary to consult a doctor)

3. Stroll through the place where you are going to ride and look at the road surface, if there are a lot of potholes, or near the track and crowded, these places are not suitable.

4. It is better to make a walk together, so you could keep or get help if you get tired.

5. In no case do not sit on the bike, if you do it the first time in his life.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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