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Whether to give babies water?

Whether to give babies water As to whether to give the water babies breastfed, there are two opposing views.Some doctors advise drink infants few teaspoons of plain water between feedings, and WHO recommends not to allow any foreign liquids and solids up to 6 months.Who is right? ..

answer to this question may provide the results of experiments conducted by researchers in difficult conditions: in the Sahara desert, where daytime temperatures rose to 50 degrees.Participants were three groups of women with infants: the first with the children exclusively on breast milk, the second with the kids on an artificial diet with dopaivaniem water, third with babies on breast milk plus water.

experiment was short-lived: the health status of groups №2 and 3 worsened sharply, the children began diarrhea.Thus, there was only a healthy first group.

On the basis of this experiment, the conclusion that the additional water breastfed baby does not need.Breast milk by itself is perfect for a child, because it provides the baby due ratio of wat

er and nutrients.Milk is divided into "front" and "rear".Front milk by almost 90 percent water, which took place in the organism mom clean and contains important information about the mother and the environment, in contrast to the usual boiled water, which greatly facilitates the work of the kidneys of the child.In addition, breast milk is very sensitive to environmental changes: with increasing temperature milk is more watery, with a decrease - more fat.However, this applies only to those kids who are on the HS;children bottle-extra water is recommended, because the mixture does not react to changes in the environment, and the ratio of water and fat content must be determined independently.As for the dosage of water for the baby, you can consult a pediatrician.

more water or tea for children is very effect on the amount of breast milk.

A small child does not know how to distinguish hunger from thirst, so the water saturation can they be regarded as the saturation, and milk it will ask less, respectively, less put on weight.Furthermore, too often dopaivanie water can lead to leaching from the body of necessary substances and trace elements.

There are several signs by which one can determine that the child dehydration:

- lethargy behavior, dry mucous membranes;

- less than 6 hours of urination;

- deep yellow color and pungent smell of urine.

first measure when it detects these symptoms - most often applied to the chest, or if the baby for some reason does not want to often take the breast, express milk in a spoon and finish feeding every hour.

summer, during the heat, it is best to be as light as possible to dress the baby and reduce the use of the diaper to a minimum so as not to create the greenhouse effect on the skin.If it is very hot, you can just pour a child with water several times a day.Newborn baby wrapped in a thin enough pelenku.Pri appearance of prickly heat is useful to add to the water for bathing concoctions of herbs that soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation - a series of daisy.It is necessary to carefully handle folds cleaners or own saliva.

There is another argument that young mothers often confusing: that night you need to rest the stomach of the child, and better in the evening to give a couple of spoonfuls of water.

actually need to know the physiology of lactation.At night my mother comes the biggest release of prolactin and baby need to replenish milk daily portion of which has long digested.Milk in the stomach of the child is only 15-20 minutes, then transferred to the intestines.In the intestine, breast milk enzymes to create a layer of beneficial bacteria that facilitate the digestion of the next portion of milk, water or any other liquid simply washes them away.This confirms the fact that everything in nature is interconnected and thoughtfully.

When should a child begin dopaivat water?

only at the age of 6 months, the baby should be familiar with solid food.Then you can offer your child to wash down the food with water from a feeder cup.But even then, many children prefer to drink out of habit lure mothers milk, up to a year.

the first time to give the baby water is better to start with the most useful.The most useful water considered structured water.For the home environment ideal approach can melt water.Make it very simple: a container of plain water is placed in the freezer for a day and then thawed in small quantities.But there is one drawback: the defrost water takes time.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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