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Chair grudnichka

Chair grudnichka the first time after the birth of a child, parent or not think about anything other than the child's chair.Because of their diligence, they are worried about how to color, texture, smell, and that he could be with mucus, white patches and even foamy.For any questions mom and dad immediately run for a consultation with pediatricians, begging for directions to all possible tests of feces, and many were even begin to give the child self-medication, hoping to save him from their fictional disease.You can avoid all the emotions and unsubstantiated diagnoses, if you study the information on how the baby chair and that can be considered to be outside the norm.

What navigate?

In assessing the need to neonatal chair focuses mainly on the kind of power it.From what your child eats, will depend on the appearance and smell of his chair.

normal stool grudnichka believe pasty mass, which is the color of mustard to yellow, which has a sharp smell of sour milk.As a rule, this type of chair can be attributed to in

fants, who are at an artificial feeding.They have the body consistently gets the same food composition, which will be approximately the same digested by the body.

If the baby is fed only mother's milk, the baby chair, will depend on the power of his mother.After all the milk to the baby get all the useful and necessary for a substance, the amount of which varies continuously in the milk, so the baby chair, respectively, can also be changed.

What a chair to be the norm?

In the first days of life of the newborn chair unusual, dark green or even black and green.It is very sticky and can even resemble clay.It is called - meconium.Within three days, the body will gradually cleaned the baby from him and the chair will get a green color.During the first months of baby's life, you should not frighten the number of bowel movements your child.The rules as such does not exist, if the child eats properly and well, the number of bowel movements knocks can be at least 1 times and reach the maximum amount, that is, 12 times a day, is also included in the norm.Once a day, it is also the normal amount.In the first week of life, the number of times emptied, you can see if you have enough milk.If the child has no symptoms of constipation, but the chair is no more than one day, it indicates that the child is malnourished.To check whether enough baby your milk, you can in the second week of life, when the feeding is already installed, count the number of wet diapers a day, it is a proven method and is suitable to you if your baby nothing but milk does not drink, neither water nor any other liquids.

By the end of the second month of life stool frequency in children varies, and can set someone up to 1-2 times a day, and someone has to stay and do about 10 times.It's all individually.If you notice the absence of the chair of the child up to a week, but the child is an active way of life, his stomach did not fall, and not bloated as constipation, it is a good sign.You can be sure that your baby's metabolism is wonderful, and it is very well digested and absorbed by your milk.On the appearance of the child's feces may be different, it is considered to be acceptable mashed shaped liquid formed and no.Its color can be either from a mustard yellow color to yellow or even green.The chair must be present grudnichka small white lumps and allowed small clumps of mucus.The smell is sour milk, if the child is breast-fed, not to be swampy and fetid smell !!!

It is possible the emergence of the baby chair foam - a consequence of wrong organized breast feeding that the baby receives only the milk front and rear comes to milk, which is the fat and nutritious.In the front the milk is not enough fat, it is not nutritious and very quickly digested by the body as quickly as it appears, as a result, and disorders occur stool crumbs.

first solid foods according to the rules begin to enter the age of 6 months, after which the child chair to change dramatically, and that you should not frighten.The color and consistency of the stool will depend on the product, which he eats.One of the first products that will be introduced pumpkin, it orange in color, it will give you in the form of frayed.Accordingly, the chair of the Child, will be like a puree, you gave him, and will acquire a bright shade of orange.You may notice that the child's stool, there are lumps of undigested food in the first month of feeding, this is normal.

Is goiter?

main cause of disorder in the digestive system in infants, both doctors and parents believe the presence of dysbiosis.Pharmacies have a range of products from this disease, which parents can buy without a prescription, and to resort to self the kid hoping for a positive result.To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to clarify the concept of dysbiosis and tell us what it is?

Reliable facts about dysbacteriosis:

Dysbacteriosis - is not a disease, but a consequence of it.This has been proven by the World Health Organisation.Dysbacteriosis - an imbalance of intestinal microflora, which occurs in the presence of intestinal diseases and infections, surgery on the gut may also occur with prolonged use of antibiotics or other drugs that can lower your immunity.

If your child was born healthy after birth do not get any drugs that can damage the intestinal microflora him, his normal digestion, it is vigorous, well-gaining weight, goiter removed.

There is such period as transient bacteria overgrowth, it is considered a normal condition of the body and pass through it all newborns.But thanks to mother's milk and colostrum in the gut baby gets a huge amount of antibodies other necessary substances for which account occurs in infants immune defense.

Also, breast milk contains bifidus - factor that is responsible for creating a normal, right in the gut microflora in infants.

That is why, the mother's milk is very important for the child in the first days and months of his life.

From experience, we can summarize that the main cause of problems with a chair in infants is properly organized breastfeeding.The fundamental error of mothers yavlyayutsya..6

-Kormlenie not required;

-Introduction in the diet of water or other liquids other than breast milk;

-Ranny lure;

-Late and poor attachment to the breast.

In some cases, it is still necessary to see a doctor?

If you notice that your child has a fever while he was not wrapped in blankets five, this is the first call, in which you need to see a doctor.

If the temperature is accompanied by diarrhea and the number of bowel movements passes for 12 times a day, with watery stools and with a characteristic smell of marsh, the reduction reactions of the baby, the appearance of sagging skin and reducing voiding up to six times per day.

If confirmed diagnosis of intestinal infection or the presence of dysbiosis, you are recommended to stop breast feeding, because using breast milk in a child increases the immune system and it will be easier to fight infections and to adjust intestinal microflora.

That milk will depend on the health of your child.Therefore, you should not engage in self-examination and self, protect yourself from unnecessary worries and financial expenses.If required, in a timely manner, please contact your doctor for advice on any questions you.

author of the publication: Victoria Teterina