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Symptoms of teething baby

Symptoms of teething baby One of the most difficult periods in the first year of baby's life is a time of the first teeth.Even the most attentive and patient parents, sometimes, it is very hard.Symptoms of a reaction to the appearance of the first teeth in children are different, so you need some knowledge of this primary process.

teething, it literally - the process of appearance of the first tooth of the tender gums.This is often a very painful phenomenon injuring a child, which he alone can not cope.

accurately determine the time of occurrence of the first teeth is not possible, for each child it individually.This occurs approximately between 3 to 7 months of life, and in some cases much later.Sometimes, there are precedents, when the baby is born with a couple of teeth.Since the appearance of the first tooth it may take several years before a set of milk teeth will be complete.There is also a certain scheme, at which the appearance of the teeth.In most cases, teeth are cut into pairs.First, the upper and lower incisors,

and then - fangs, and behind them have molars.The structure of the jaws and positioning of the teeth in the mouth - hereditary characteristics which have no impact on the health of the child.

is important to know some of the signs of teething symptoms at the teeth of the child.The very first symptom is swelling and redness of the gums.The child begins to nervously chewing gums and pull at anything that gets in his mouth.Biting his thumb and solid objects, the child tries to drown out unpleasant sensations.Soon swollen gums will appear whitish bump - first tooth.Sometimes it happens that the teeth climb together.This process is very painful, so the child becomes whiny and irritable for no apparent reason.

To list all the features of the first teeth of the child does not need a lot of time.They basically similar and well remembered.They are both general (typical for many children) and individual (sensation experienced by the unit).For general characteristic features: abundant constant drooling, strong and unreasonable nervousness and irritability, excitement, disturbance of sleep, partial or complete refusal of food intake, profuse nasal discharge, slight or strong increase in temperature.Some children are others - a rare manifestation of signs of the onset of teeth - lethargy during the day, coughing, belching, and diarrhea.

In this difficult period for the child, parents should stock up incredible patience.Constant moods, irritability and crying baby is only a consequence, they experienced pain.A child can not words to explain the suffering he experienced so transmits the information by all means available to it.To alleviate the pain the child should be given to gnaw and chew a variety of solid objects.It is desirable that it was safe toys, such as children or special gryzunki Keys.Sometimes the child gets rid of the pain cold, then you can give a bite of frozen fruit or vegetables.It is necessary to monitor the child's diet during teething.In the most severe cases, if the above methods do not help, but the pediatrician may prescribe special child painkillers.

Every parent should know the signs of the main manifestations of the first teeth of the child.This will avoid major problems for the baby and for mom and dad.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov

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