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Oxolinic ointment for babies

oxolinic ointment Most doctors and experienced parents know exactly what is better to prevent disease than to treat them.This applies in particular to various bacterial and viral infections.During virus outbreaks, you must apply all possible preventive measures to avoid various diseases.

However, if most of the drugs safely suitable for adults, infants need to responsibly choose suitable medications.The first step is to figure out whether a simple harmless oxolinic ointment for babies.

This salve is antiviral and operates thanks to oxoline, which kills viruses and simple herpes labialis and used against warts, dermatitis, herpes zoster and contagious mollusc.

Preventively 0.25% strength oxolinic ointment lubricate mucous membrane of the nasal passages, twice a day, the duration of this use - up to 25 days.A treatment of viral rhinitis do the same only 3 or 4 times a day, and so on until five days.When various viral skin lesions plaster of 3% ointment on external lesion up to 3 times a day, repeating up to 2 months.

Given that children are often exposed to all sorts of diseases, the prevention of influenza in infants can be a real problem.In this case, oxolinic ointment is certainly not the best option, as it would interfere with the viscous consistency of the child breathe.For this reason, it is better to use topically for lubrication in the region of the nostrils of the nose.

addition, oxoline can be harmful to babies because of the strong impact, in some cases, prevent the flu is better carried out using Aflubin or egistola and do simple rinsing the nose with sea water.

All things considered, it should be wary of side effects in your baby.

mothers should always be aware of the fact that the self is extremely harmful, it is necessary to consult with a professional.Only pediatrician should determine the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

author of the publication: Valery Samoylov