What you can and can not be pregnant

You can not be pregnant or in a solarium?

lot of girls who take care of themselves during pregnancy are interested in the question of whether they now visit a solarium.This procedure is for the ladies in an interesting position has its pluses and minuses.Someone believes that the solarium - is absolutely safe, someone - it will cause irreparable harm to the health of the future mother and baby.

final decision on this issue to take, of course, to you, and we will help to determine the pros and cons of tanning during pregnancy.

Pros tanning

The main objective is to obtain a solarium smooth beautiful tan, which is formed under the influence of ultraviolet rays.From this perspective, the visits to the salon are very useful.Ultraviolet rays - a natural source of vitamin "D", which is so necessary for the normal development of the fetus: it positively affects the assimilation of calcium and future mother helps prevent rickets in infants.Therefore, if you want, sunbathe on health, most importantly, take the necessary safety precautions.

Remember that the main threat to the health of the baby are not the ultraviolet rays and overheating.The fruit is not yet able to regulate their own heat, so his condition and further development depends on the state of the organism mom.

Standing under the rays of artificial sun, be sure to cover up with a towel tummy; he beams a direct hit to anything.But other parts tan body during pregnancy has no effect.

And, of course, comply with the measure.If before pregnancy you can spend in solarium any length of time, it is now worth a limit of ten minutes.

Cons solarium

is possible that in addition to the effects of ultraviolet light, our body is exposed and other influences, about which scientists still just do not know.But this risk is always there.

Another very unpleasant problem may be increased skin pigmentation of the future mother.Pregnancy is accompanied by a storm of hormonal changes in the female body, and most appear pigmented spots that are very hard to remove later.Solarium is able to aggravate the problem, and in the future you will have to suffer, lightening spots on the face and body.

Do not dismiss and medical conditions for which it is you will be banned from solarium.Since you decided to visit the salon, be sure to consult on this matter with your doctor.It is a specialist who is watching you, and from the first days of pregnancy, and only he can give a definitive answer about the advisability of tanning.

Even if the doctor will answer affirmatively, still weigh all pros and cons.Let risk solarium will be minimal, but does it make sense to risk their health and the health of the future child for the sake of momentary pleasure?Keep in mind that very soon you will again be able to attend without problems beauty salons and to carry out any procedure.In the meantime, should take care of oneself for the sake of the future of the newborn.

author of the publication: Eduard Belousov