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Grudnichok grunts

Grudnichok grunts birth of a baby brings incredible joy and happiness to his parents!It seems that all the problems are behind!Is it so?In fact, problems and worries are just beginning.Immediately after the birth of a child can be confusing for colic or constipation may occur grunt or cough.But it goes just about grunting newborn.

Why the child at night grunts.

explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple.All because the nasal passages of the infant is still very narrow for the free passage of the air stream that needs the baby.And over time in the nasal passages also appear brown.It is because of them when breaths, and there is a characteristic grunting sound.In order to avoid as much as possible of the need to follow simple basic rules: do wet cleaning in the room have the baby at least 2 times a day.Ensure that the air in the room was not dry.There will be a good helper humidifier.If not, then a great alternative would be an aquarium, as well as an economical option suitable even bowls of water placed in the r

oom.Yet do not forget about ventilation, but here it is necessary to be cautious and aware of the risk of colds.

Just ease the condition toddler simple cleaning nozzle.But despite the simplicity of this manipulation even here we should not forget about the specific rules of its conduct.

newborn Spout should be cleaned with a cotton swab moistened to easily remove all brown.You can rinse the nose with saline, but washing can be done only after consultation with the doctor, so as not to harm the baby.Generally, grunting is the normal state of the newborn for some time, but you need to be careful and watch out for the first signs of incipient disease.

grunting at night.

The reason for this has nothing to do with the above problem grunts.If the baby groans at night, it is likely that the child start to disturb colic.After eating in the intestine produced gases, which put pressure on its walls and deliver painful newborn.The digestive system is still very weak, so GAZ cars can not go alone.What to do and how to help your child?There are a number of recommendations.Once you fed baby, it should reproach certain time in an upright position - because the air must leave itself.In just a few minutes before feeding need to put the baby on your stomach, you can make the stroking tummy massage and exercise, raising the legs to the tummy and dropping them to their original position.An important criterion for a good attachment and baby to the mother's breast for feeding.On the advice of good attachment still in the hospital obstetrician.

By taking the drugs, which reduce flatulence should be treated with great care and take them with great caution and only after consulting with a doctor, or you may harm your baby.Just cause groaning could be the baby constipation.Here it is necessary to allow the body of your child cope with this problem on their own.If the problem is serious and the baby can not own poop, you can resort to using laxatives or enemas.But again, only after consultation with a specialist.Do not give your child self-treatment.And of course, we note that constipation and excessive flatulence is easier to prevent.These problems cause the child the foods that mom eats.Therefore, in order to avoid all this trouble breastfeeding mother should observe a special diet, which can also tell a pediatrician or obstetrician.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov