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Uzi babies Ultrasonography is the method of giving high information and absolutely safe for all, without exception, patients.Ultrasound machine allows to obtain results that will be decisive arguments for diagnosis or choice of treatment for many diseases.Doctors working on the machine, do not use any protective equipment, except work with infectious patients.

This method is convenient because when the possibility of a total survey has no age restrictions.Even premature babies with small growth and weight can be inspected without any reservations.

ultrasound procedure is so safe that, if necessary, can even be monitored by examining the patient several times a day.

ultrasound does not affect the results of other studies, and that's unpleasant or painful procedures performed before ultrasound, may complicate the inspection process, as the backlash it may affect.

study lasts an average of 3-5 minutes, not counting the serious diseases that process can take up to 30-40 minutes.This is very important, especially

for infants.

Using ultrasound device medical examination available of many internal organs, and this is very important because, example, abdominal pain may indicate, and many diseases: appendicitis, gallstones, kidney disease, etc.Therefore, the study of all the organs of the abdominal cavity to help determine the reason that caused the pain.

establish the diagnosis small child (infants) is very difficult, because the child can not explain the reason for their concern.If he vomits, and there is a sleep disorder, the ultrasound study should be carried out not only the abdomen, and head and, as it can manifest as neurological problems.

poor breeding legs newborn may also indicate neurological diseases, as this violated muscle tone and muscle pathology manifested.Consequently, along with the US hip is necessary to carry out research and brain.

causeless Wake up the temperature in babies infants may be due to inflammation or congenital abnormalities of the kidneys, as well as any other organ in the abdomen.

Even if the pregnancy was without complications and was born healthy, strong child, without deviations in the development at an early age, it is advisable to conduct a study of US at the age of about 1-1.5 months to eliminate the risk of a possible oral disease.

Such ultrasound examination should consist of neurosonography, that is going over the fontanel of the brain, ultrasound of the abdomen, pelvic organs and kidneys, as well as ultrasound hip.

important for the quality of the study has a quiet kid behavior, so that during ultrasound procedures should be possible to divert the attention of the child with the help of your favorite books or toys.This doctor will be able to quickly and efficiently get the results of the study, and the child is easier to transfer procedure.

author of the publication: Svyatoslav Sitnikov

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