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Sleep grudnichka baby almost never slept more than three or four hours.This mode of babies not only during the day but also at night, which greatly exhausts parents.In the first year of life mom almost always feels tired, because she sleeps in the mode of infants, for several hours.But, in contrast to the mother of the child is not home affairs, which require implementation.So mom sleeps most of the night and then little by little, because of the night just need to wake up several times with the baby to feed him or perepelenat.In the afternoon, during periods of wakefulness you will most likely also have to give the baby all the time - to play with him, in every possible way to entertain and reside there.Most of the children in infancy require the constant presence of his mother, and as soon as you want to absent himself, even if only for a few minutes, your pipsqueak immediately begin to cry.

But there are some lucky ones whose babies sleep through the night without waking up already by the age of eight weeks.But w

e hasten to disappoint you, these kids quite a bit.And yet, there are ways to make your life easier, instilling your daze from the birth of a healthy regime of sleep and wakefulness.How to achieve this?

To inculcate skills to your baby the correct mode Make sure that when he starts to tire.How many hours he needs to play, to go to sleep peacefully.The first month and a half to carry out this procedure is pointless, because babies can not sleep more than two hours at a time and all of your efforts to extend the sleep time will be in vain.If you try to extend the period of his fatigue for a more prolonged and deep sleep, your baby is overtired and only for this reason, simply can not sleep properly.As a result you will achieve is directly proportional to the result, but still izmuchal, trying to put him in the crib or the lull.

To time "catch" fatigue, observe the behavior of your baby.As soon as he gets sleepy (this may be signs of eye rubbing, pecking his nose twitching of the ear itself, the emergence of weak darkening under the eyes, and so on. D.), Immediately send it to bed.It's hard to just start to identify these signs.Thoroughly after watching his own child for a while, you learn to recognize these signs automatically.You develop into an instinct that it was time to put the baby to sleep.Once your child begins to understand something, to explain to him what the difference is day and night sleep.

among newborn babies are often found that confuse day and night.Some signs of this phenomenon can tell the mother even during pregnancy.Nothing wrong with that.You just have to rearrange their child kid mode, but it should be done no sooner than 2 weeks after birth.Some time will have to be patient and accept the fact that you can not change anything.Gradually accustom him to distinguish between day and night (ie light and dark).Do not put him to sleep in bright light, let alone a night light so you can see the baby, and he you.In dim light of a lamp, and full confidence in the presence of a nearby mom baby falls asleep much faster.

Day, try to teach him at the activity.Play with him, read him books, walk in the fresh air, Open your curtains and let the sunlight to get into your room.Let the kid understands that light, then the day, then you need to play.And you need to sleep in the dark.Do not mute the household noises and insulate them from the child.Let him listen to how the washing machine or the phone rings.You can turn to classical music, and in the evening, on the contrary, ogranichteves noise.Again, show them the contrast between wakefulness and rest - quiet at night, because you need to sleep.In no case did not indulge his whims play puppet show in the crib, after put him to sleep.Having done this once, you will automatically turn such manipulation parents in the category of what is permitted in the child's head.The kid has to understand that if he went to bed, all games can wait until when he wakes up.For this reason, it is not necessary to delay the period of placing the child in the bed - do not sing to him too many songs, do not arrange a ritual of laying all the toys that are in your home to bed, do not read it ten stories in a row, it is enough one.

Once your baby starts to grow, reduce the time of his laying to a minimum.Let him go to bed alone.Accustom to that it is possible and in the first months of life, when this approach is consistent with your approach to education.This is done in elementary - just put him to bed, he sleepy but not yet asleep.Most likely, he will want to quietly sleep longer than require the attention of parents.Over time, the baby itself will start to go to bed when he wants to sleep.The saying "the sooner the better" here as it is impossible by the way.Kid better assimilate this habit, when you start to implement it since infancy.Much more difficult is to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own five-year, when he was used to that before going to bed to him tell stories and sing songs.And then at some point we stopped.Why is that?

habits associated with sleep are formed by the two or three months.That means that at this age, you can teach him to sleep properly and wake up more often than necessary.Of course, an important role is played here by feeding.If the baby transferred to artificial feeding, sleeping it stronger and longer always enough milk.If you're breastfeeding, chances are your baby will wake up more often position.This is due to the fact that he may not have enough milk, or he will fall asleep before being feels full, as a result soon feel hungry again, and hastened to say to you about this.There is also a factor in the awakening of the night, which is not dependent on feeding.The kid just can accidentally wake himself up and go to sleep alone in the dark he can not.He can do nothing in this situation, but to call for help mom.To avoid such cases, make sure the bed is paved with baby correctly, no external factors will not be disturbed his sleep - for example, an open window, where they can waft noises or harmful midge fly.

Most kids go into a full night of sleep mode - that is, from 21.00 to 9 at the age of 6 months to 1.5 years.At this point, the child has to be fully formed ritual night laying in bed.His every parent picks up their own, but there are factors that can not be ignored - it's swimming, dream interpretation (eg, yogurt or milk), and, of course, my mother a kiss.You can lay in bed with the baby loved the bear, read him a story or sing a song.Religious parents are taught from infancy to toddler evening prayer.Everything here depends entirely on the preferences of your family values, but to establish a ritual of departure to sleep you need.First, it disciplines the child, and secondly, it will clearly know what and in what sequence takes place before going to bed.After completing all the points it can do nothing other than sweet sleep in her crib.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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