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Plaid for a newborn

Plaid for a newborn in the care of a baby will help you a very ordinary blanket.It may be necessary, when it is necessary to hide the child had fallen asleep in a chair, or to lay his cot.And if there is an interesting pattern plaid, then treating it, the child will develop their imagination and curiosity.Now in the shop are a huge number of blankets for everyone, so before you buy you need to decide what you want that kind of blanket.

Blankets come in different sizes, so before going to the store, measure the child's crib.Make no mistake: its size should be enough to cover the mattress and sides.Before buying check the label, which is always specified the size of the product.

Pay attention to the material used for the manufacture of plaid.They can be made from natural and synthetic materials, as well as mixed, in which both types of fibers are present in different percentages.The product of acrylic fleece or a child will not work, for it is better to choose a rug made from natural materials, or with a small addit

ion of artificial fibers.

Natural blanket can be made in the form of fur blankets, but it will be too heavy for the baby, and in the sale of his rare find.Also it can be plaid wool or cotton.For use in the summer of best fit thin and light cotton and can be washed in a washing machine, it is cheaper wool and last a long time.Unfortunately, these rugs are made very rarely bright colors.

This disadvantage is absent in woolen blankets, which are very beautiful.They can be made of different types of wool.Their camel undercoat make thin blankets, cashmere is used to make soft and gentle blanket, warm and most will make from sheep's wool.Any wool blanket will not freeze and, in addition, as a preventive agent for diseases of the joints, is good for health.Due to the property of wool does not cause allergies and does not accumulate a bacterial products from it are hygienic to use.Caring for such products require hand washing in cool water.

determine the size and material, choose the most liked plaid pattern is not very exciting colors.For a kid is better to choose a bright plaid, causing joy and interest.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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