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Bifidumbacterin for newborns

In today's environment, having a negative impact on human health, there is an increased incidence associated with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, which is the main cause of goiter.At the stage of growth and development of babies and infants nutrition serves as the main, and then the most important function, so the intestinal microflora is an indication of the general condition of the baby.The appearance of undesirable microorganisms in the intestine may be due to many factors, including cesarean section at delivery, fetal various deviations identified during gestation, preterm birth, infection and bowel disorders of the newborn.At the first sign of improper settlement of microorganisms bifidumbacterin appointed course.

In the first year of life for the proper functioning of the intestine can not do without additional bifidopreparaty: Bifikol, bifilonga that should drink in combination with bifidumbacterin.With the convenient and aseptic packaging a certain dose of their drug does not cause

any difficulties.Suffice it to pour the powder in water or milk, stir well and serve baby.In no case do not use drugs from a previously opened package.Take them should be on an empty stomach or 1-1.5 hours after a meal.The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and purpose, can last from a few days - as a preventive measure and to a few months - at an advanced stage.The drug is better absorbed in the presence of the night night break in feeding the baby, and the efficiency of settlement intestinal microflora will be much higher.A few days after the start of a newborn bifidumbacterin begin to show signs of improvement of the intestine: normal stool, decrease or even disappear gassing, which is the cause of intestinal colic.Regardless of the appearance of positive results, even in the initial stages of gastrointestinal disorders, experts do not recommend to stop treatment before the seven-day reception at double the use of the drug a day.

as analogue bifidobakterin can be assigned to foreign products and services offered in tablets or syrup, but they are suitable for children older than 6 months.With regard to domestic drug, it is suitable even for newborns.High efficiency, no contraindications and side effects allow the use bifidobakterin without fear for the baby's health.

main symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis

disruption of the normal intestinal microflora today meets almost every child.Newborns suffer from this because of the mother's malnutrition or in case of contact with an intestinal infection.Women after childbirth is assigned a course of special medicines, but even that does not guarantee the absence of dysbiosis in children.

The presence of dysbiosis shows unwell baby, deteriorating by the end of the day because of the pain in the tummy.In most cases, after the massage the abdomen or applying thereto the warm diapers, newborn calms down, but not for long.Dysbacteriosis requires prompt treatment.

Reception bifidumbacterin newborn

to normalize bowel function in infants must be mikloflory favorable settlement of which will deal with pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms.

To this one should pay special attention to, because the normal absorption of nutrients from food is only possible if the necessary bacteria that are contained in Bifidumbacterin.

Infants drug is added to breast milk and artificial feeding - in children's food.For therapeutic purposes, babies under six months should be given 1 sachet three times a day.If necessary, the course may vary.Thus, after three days of treatment the frequency of reception may be increased up to six doses.Therapy is performed on the results of analyzes carried out and the order of 3 weeks.Repeated reception is possible after a month's break.As a preventive measure can be given bifidumbakterin 1 dose per day for 7 - 10 days.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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