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Electrophoresis for infants

Electrophoresis for infants Let's see what is electrophoresis.Electrophoresis - a physiotherapy, where, with the help of various types of current injected into the body the drug in liquid or vaporous medium, penetrating through the skin.Electrophoresis medicine due to the current penetrates shallowly, mainly concentrated in the epidermis and dermis, and is carried by the blood stream throughout the body, but mainly concentrated in the tissues and organs in the area of ​​impact.Electrophoresis is used in physiotherapy for almost all ages of the population, including children from an early age.If the adults are all more or less clear, the use of electrophoresis in infants raises many questions and concerns on the part of their parents.

Let us understand, if electrophoresis is harmful to babies or not.The most important young parents fear is the belief that during the procedure of electrophoresis can be transmitted other diseases that electrophoresis is harmful to the body, and it is better for children from an early age not to d


hastened to reassure caring parents.Electrophoresis is completely harmless to infants.In addition, it is even more preferable than medicating the traditional way.Under the influence of the current sensitivity of body tissues to the drug significantly increased, so allows the use of the drug at full capacity.Due to the fact that electrophoresis has pronounced local effects, it generally does not affect the entire body, thereby avoiding many of the side effects like the traditional medication.Furthermore, in the procedure of electrophoresis, all of the contact components are long sterilization, so bring incidental infection is not possible.

Application electrophoresis in infants has a fairly wide range.For infants using electrophoresis in muscle hypertonicity that relaxes them, thereby improving blood flow throughout the body.According to statistics, six percent of infants administered electrophoresis at low neurological disorders.Good results shows electrophoresis under musculoskeletal disorders.Application of electrophoresis is capable of shooting pain syndromes in various diseases.Well proven electrophoresis under diathesis.

Of course, as with other methods of treatment, at the electrophoresis there are contraindications its use.But in any case, an experienced specialist doctor can keep track of them, so as not to harm the little patient.A wide range of application of electrophoresis, as one of the components of physiotherapy, shows it on the positive side in the treatment of various diseases in children from an early age.

author of the publication: Olga Lazareva

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