For infants

Toys for newborns

Toys for newborns best option for the first toys of the child is mobile.It is a small rotating carousel, complete with toys.It is usually hung over the bed of the baby.According to the principles of early development, the color of toys should be preferably red, yellow, blue and green.In addition, they must be sufficiently large.

also in the early development appear mobiles, decorated in black and white.In the first two months of life the child more receptive contrasting black and white colors in comparison with bright shades.

Today, there are two types of mobiles: the mechanical and electronic type.Mechanical mobiles infest manually.Their charge is kept short.E - much easier to use, but are more expensive.More often than not accompanied by the movement of car shown too loud melody.

Mobil can be done in-house.This will require a round hanger socks equipped with clothespins.It can be purchased at hardware stores at attractive low price.It needs to be fixed on the baby's crib and hang on clothespins different toys.Spi

n a homemade mobility will need to manually.The main purpose of

Mobile - stimulation of the optic nerve head and turns, in the future, attempt grasping toys, sailing in sight of the child.Recommended toys often change as the baby gets used to the monotony quickly and it becomes boring.After a few days they can be hung in place.For a newborn, they will appear to be new.

Another important type of toys for young children - rattles.You can give free rein to the parental fantasy.The only recommendation is the fact that rattles thin handles that the child can easily grab.Invest in a toy need to handle the baby at birth.This exercise stimulates the development of excellent grasp reflex and helps crumbs learn to do such an act deliberately.It is better if the baby will be playing arsenal, several toys, differing in tone and power of sound.

Manufacturing rattles with their hands

This process will need to use creativity.For example, ordinary plastic bottle filled with pebbles, beans, peas or barley.Suit and small boxes, bags, cans or even a case of a lipstick.So, on the advice of the famous Methodist Elena Davydova, rattle can be made of the cap from the pen, which is enough to fill the grains.That will have a little rattle, the amount of which will correspond to the hand of the baby.

Hearing the baby bell should be encouraged.Ideally, it is recommended to have several musical instruments, different in its sound: bells, rattles it.d.

Little fingers can be trained with rattle - beads.It can also be done by hand, strung on a thread large beads, bottle caps, scraps of fabric, buttons and small portions of plastic tubes.

newborn baby still has no idea that he has arms and legs.To speed up the realization of this fact is enough to buy soft special bracelets, decorated with toys.These bracelets are usually bright and able to emit some sounds, that is, they combine more features and rattles.Wear them on the arm or ankle child.When moving a pen or a leg bracelet will sound, and the baby, attracted by the bright toy, it will be considered carefully, and pay attention to your body.Trying to grab a toy, it is likely that he clung to his pen or a leg.

Make a toy under the force of each.It will take a broad soft scrunchy, which is sewn a small pouch.It is filled with peas, or something like that makes sounds.

author of the publication: Valery Samoylov