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The first month of a child's life

The first month of a child birth of a child, his life outside his mother's tummy - a very important period in the life of a newborn.The first month of a child is a period of adaptation to life in the new environment.In the first month of life for the baby even greater role unconditioned reflexes, such as the food industry, indicative and protective.That they are central to adaptation.Parenting a newborn, in this period, based on its needs for food, warmth, air, etc.When the baby, the first month of life, it gets full, basic needs recede into the background, giving way to social development - communication with parents, familiarity with the surroundings.Confirmation that the newborn baby was the adaptation period will be his first conscious smile, which he gave to my mother at the end of the first month of life.

first month of a child's life can be divided into three decades, each of which will vary according to the tasks in the educational process remains.Consider these steps in more detail.

main development councils:

1) Touch development.During the first decade of lessons focused on the development of hearing, sight, touch.Assistants at this stage will be a source of light, rattle, bell, and other items that will cause the baby orienting reactions.In the second decade of the problem is complicated, familiarity goes with moving and fixed objects.In the third decade of the baby to introduce the subject of various size, color and structure.

2) Motor Development.The main task at this stage is a provocation of the child to the movement and communication with parents (conversation, singing).By the end of the second decade of the baby will turn his head to follow the toy, the light source (pay attention to the child in the dim light bulbs), or their parents, and eye movement will be more coordinated.You should not stop there, continue to consolidate the skills learned on the third week.Encourage your child to the retention of the head, laying it before feeding on his tummy.

3) Social development.In social terms, the child's development starts with communication with parents.Talk with your child often smile during maintenance or in the classroom.Leaning to the child, you teach him to focus on your face.Communication with the child should be diverse as tonally and emotionally.In the second decade of the Child will focus longer on the face of the parents than on objects.In the third - the child's response to the emergence of the adult will have a more prominent and frequent, and every time a child will give you a smile.

4) Predrechevoe development.Classes in language development it is best to start from the second decade.Gentle and melodious speech mother, folk songs, lullabies - all contribute to the development of speech hearing.During the third decade Encourage your child to say the first sounds.Most often, the child starts his speech with such sounds as "gee", "ET", "Gha".Repeat these "words" for the baby.Read short poems in which there are these sounds or sing improvised songs.The more you communicate with your child, the easier and faster it will start to pronounce the sounds.

the right approach in terms of development, the child should be able to do the following:

- continuously monitors the move, at a distance of 70 cm, objects;

- to respond to the sound of toys, look for a sound source;

- smiling when he saw the face of a parent or a bright toy;

- pronounce the sounds of "gee," "n", "k," "ET";

- lift and hold your head up 5c lying on his tummy.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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