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The second month of life

The second month of life By the second month, the baby is already fully adapted to the outside world and his family took pride of place.Mom, this period has already got used to the new schedule of the day, and begins to more and more realize the whims of their offspring.The child begins to show his character and temperament.Now we can say about the child's activity.Some kids can safely stay awake in bed, looking at the world around him.Others on the contrary, eager to get acquainted with the world in your hands.In the second month, the baby is gaining weight well, can score up to 800 grams.But if the child scored less, the experience was not worth it, the main thing that he felt himself well.As well as growing up to an average of 3 cm.

During this period, the child's sleep is much improved.Happy ceases shorter and it is more active and stronger night ceases, about 7 hours.Sometimes parents have a feeling that the baby begins to feel sorry for them, as compared with the lack of sleep the first month.But it so happens that c

hanges the pipsqueak day night and night is very actively pursuing its time.The best solution - to wake up in the afternoon, when he had some sleep (4-5 hours).Of course, the dream to bring back to normal, maybe took a lot of time, but the result is worth it.It is also very important in the crib when the baby sleeps, to change his position from one barrel to another, that there was no deformation of the head.

The second month I was crying, and the child, if in the first month, they were screaming in space, but now they have targeted purpose - to adult.As weeping intonation can distinguish his whim.If he is hungry, it is imperative cry character.If you have a bad connotation, the crumbs something interferes and you can try to change the diaper or diaper.And if a piercing cry, it turns, loops through the legs - he has something hurts.But the most beautiful family is that the baby appears pronounced smile.In this period the mother should spend more time with your child, talk to him and smile more.After my mother for him - a person to follow, from which it draws information and habits.

How to properly care for the child:

1. Motor Development.It is necessary to teach the child to keep their own head.To do this, turn it over on his tummy, take a rattle or any other object (preferably kid favorite) and the first sound to attract his attention, and then slowly rising to the top.The kid will head to follow her.The main rule is - it does not overwork his child.It is better to do it in several approaches, giving the kid a break.

2. Social development.It should be possible to spend more time with the baby.Old talk to changing the tone of his voice.You can read the fairy tale, even though he does not understand them, but it will be interesting to watch over you.As often as possible pronounce the name of the child, more than physical touching, hugging, kissing, looking in the eyes.So the child feel all your love.Play with him so that he was smiling in response to you.Your every action beat, talking as much as possible: where to swim, do the procedure or go to bed.

3. Touch development.The second month is characterized by the fact that the child is improving hearing and vision.He can follow the moving object.But try not to zoom in very close toys, and drive at a distance of 50-70 cm. For example, you can take any toy that can be colorful and bright and drive slowly up and down, lock and shake.Then again, one way or the other, and shake.You can then take the palm of your baby, let him hit the toy, so she created the sound.Especially a child manifested in the fact that he begins to see the face of people around him and turned toward the sound.Also in the second month it is developing sensitivity palms.You can give him any toys or objects with different textures: smooth, in pimples and other forms.

4. Predrechevoe development.Cry baby remains the main means of communication with adults, but it takes on different shades.He himself tries to say something.He, it turns out, make sounds "a", "o", "u".By the end of the second month, they may combine with consonants "n-grams", "a-ho", "a-ha" and the like.Parents need to show the correct articulation of sound combinations "to", "m" and so on.In the second month, the child tries to repeat after you, because you need to talk to him, read, tell stories and poems.

Tips for parents on education of the kid:

- as often as possible giving him smile;

- a great game with him;

- Sing songs the kid;

- Try to develop hearing and vision;

- Demonstrate crumbs like a smile on his face;

- Give him new emotions and sensations from the outside world;

- Effects on locomotor activity (upside down on his tummy, drive toys);

- Give the baby all the love and affection.

child reaches for the second month:

- gaining weight and increased growth;

- locks on an object up to 25 seconds;

- turns to sounds;

- he holds the head up to 5 seconds;

- emits guttural sounds;

- watching a moving toy;

- all sounds can be distinguished by the conversation of people who surround him;

- can grasp his hand your finger.

author of the publication: Svyatoslav Sitnikov

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