Diseases in Children

Rubella symptoms in children

acute infectious disease, whose symptoms are relatively easy portability of the presence of small rashes all over the body, disruption of the lymph nodes, small short-term fever, called rubella.

Etiology and pathogenesis of the disease

Infection occurs as a result of the pathogen, which is a virus.Infection can be obtained through the mucosa or by airborne droplets.Once in the body, the virus is spread primarily remain in the lymph nodes.Swollen lymph nodes precedes the appearance of rashes on the skin.This disease affects both children and adults who suffer rubella is much harder.The greatest danger is the virus poses to pregnant women because it can cause malformations in the fetus, entering through the placenta or fetal rubella infection contribute (if the penetration of the virus occurred in the third trimester).Congenital rubella virus may be in the child's body in "sleep" state until the 31st of the month.During this period, these children are a source of infection to other children.

In other cases the source of infection has a sick person (adult or child).Ill before the rash and a week after they excrete the virus into the environment during the week period.

symptoms and course of infection

incubation period is 11-24 days, usually 16-20 days.Onset of the disease can occur as asymptomatic and with fatigue, slight malaise, weakness for 1-2 days before the rash.

body temperature is elevated but does not rise above 38. Also, there are sore throat, runny nose a little.Initially, the rash appears on the face, then move on to the trunk and limbs.rash is a flat spot of small diameter of 5-7 mm pink.Rash has pronounced on the lower back, buttocks and upper back, ie in the areas of extension poverhnostey.Na face rashes are not so abundant as in the trunk.Eruptions are formed within 2-3 days.Affected also marked a slight watery eyes, dry cough.A sure sign of measles is to increase zadnesheynyh and neck lymph nodes, which is formed for 1-2 days before the rash.Lymph nodes may also be other groups will increase in size and become painful at a palpation.Complications arise infrequently, usually in adults.In congenital rubella observed in the development of multiple malformations (microcephaly, deafness, heart defects), the backlog of physical and mental development, immune deficiency.

fight infection in children

Upon detection of the main signs of the disease (which is available on closer inspection) the child receives treatment at home.At elevated temperature is assigned to bed rest.For the entire period of eruptions prescribers calcium dosage age, ill give plenty of fluids (milk tea, jelly, fruit compote, juice).It should take a multivitamin after illness.Author

publications: Leonid Guryev

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