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The seventh month of life

The seventh month of life In the seventh month, little man, still referred to as a newborn, is transformed into an active explorer of the world.This helps him the ability to move appeared crawling.Crawling - the first opportunity to get to the interest of his subjects, as well as a way to expand the orientation, develop a variety of traffic.Polzatelnye movement favorably contribute to the physical development of the child, allow a better view of what is happening around.At this age, children begin to understand it and imitate it, so contact with adults becomes more intimate.Seven months babies begin to perform simple actions with toys and other items by tapping them, the feelings, examining.All of this contributes to the development of the senses of the child and at the same time introducing them to the properties of things.

Catching up with the baby seven months of age should pay attention to its all-round development.Character awake by this time increased to 2-3 hours, so it is possible to arrange a longer game.

sensory development will contribute to the brightly colored toys that are appropriate to be arranged to encourage a child to act independently.Every movement and action is necessary to articulate and very soon the baby will learn to look for the eyes called the subject and perform simple manipulation of the buildings out of blocks or the assembly of the pyramid.

contribute to the development of motor movements will provide constant monitoring to ensure the child does not stay long in one position.Particular attention should be paid to passive children who prefer to sit or lie in one place.The temperament of the child, as well as his fatness largely affect the freedom of movement.Full and calm children require more attention to bring them into effect by means of bright objects.Strengthening the muscles of the child contributes to the special gymnastics.

Emotions of the child 7 months, more vivid, with unsatisfied desires, he starts to cry, and when flirting laugh loudly, turning away from strangers and try to crawl away soon.Anxiety child needs to be given as much attention because it is the only way to express their emotions.Crying child - is often a discharge of nervous tension.

development of speech in children of this age is developing in two directions:

  • development stages of language acquisition most child;
  • understanding the speech of adults.

Children try to imitate adult speech, but only by the sounds they possess.An important condition for understanding what has been said there is close contact between the child and adult, and the atmosphere in which they are raised.Primary understanding of the meaning of words is manifested in the child's ability to respond to the question "where?", Repetition of familiar syllables when reading nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes.

Mom seven-month baby should make sure that it has all the conditions conducive to the development of crawling, and has not been exposed to hypothermia.To do this, you need to lay on the floor a warm blanket or a blanket, covering his monochromatic fabric that will serve as the backdrop for toys.To strengthen the muscles of the spine and the child should continue to pursue a course of special gymnastic exercises, combined with game time to be interested in the baby.

need to acquire toys bright colors, contributing to the discovery of new possibilities (with fillers, backlit).We should not forget about the prevention of child's contact with harmful materials.

author of the publication: Olga Lazareva

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