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Grippferon babies

Why newborn baby, infants, and young children it is recommended to give Grippferon drops.

Firstly, because this drug is very easy to dose, and secondly, when properly instillation given drug does not get into the inner part of the ear, which have virtually little children is directly related to the nasal cavity.You say that if droplets can drip into the nose and teens, and kids and adults alike - then why bother to release the drug as a spray Grippferon?This spray also has a number of advantages: the spraying of a special dispenser, the drug solution is distributed evenly over the nasal mucosa, I here by simple instillation in the nasal cavity may be portions to which the solution "can not reach."Hence - Tip: If you use drops in the nasal cavity Grippferon child very carefully and be sure you need to massage both nostrils after instillation, the solution was to drop all the so-called "secluded place."

drug Grippferon and children

Quite often drug Grippferon selected doctors - pediatricians as a the

rapeutic and prophylactic agent for the treatment of various viral infections in young children, especially infants and children.In some cases, this medicine is very effective, but use it unchecked, only relying on enthusiastic and delightful reviews of many moms who wrote that "all the time buried this drug nose and my baby have never and no ill" - this can not be done.Remember - even the safest treatment medication - a real cure rather than what some harmless water lapped.Grippferon drug is intended for children of different age ratings do not make better or worse: the drug will not be useful than it actually is.For example, there are situations where the use of the drug for the treatment of children Grippferon completely unjustified.But when the drug is actually shown to use, its benefits for ill child is quite difficult to overestimate.

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Why and when to prescribe the drug drops Grippferon children?

should start with newborns.Although it may seem incredible, but healthy newborns helpless little children are well protected from the "very scary viruses' nature - from the moment of birth, they get very powerful immune natural protection from their mother.And that's why in the first month of life, full-term babies without birth defects, as well as with normal immunity, diseases such as the flu do not get sick.An additional protective shield, which stand in the way of different viruses becomes a natural mother's milk, which is almost a hundred percent protection, not only from different viruses and bacteria that attack during the period of milk feeding, which today for some reason do notvery accepted remember.You also can not drop drug Grippferon nose child who is completely healthy.As for young children with weak immune systems rather then Grippferon preparation for infants is simply irreplaceable.This also applies to permanently older children, who often take cold.For them, treatment and prevention Grippferon - a great opportunity to significantly improve their health.It is not necessary to look for a special children's pharmacies drug Grippferon.The only thing you should pay attention when buying drops Grippferon intended for children - is the volume of vial.

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How many drops of the drug Grippferon dribble and how often it should be done in the written instructions and the dosage and treatment schedule depends on the age of your child, as well as its status.In addition, you can not be lazy to consult the child's doctor or the treating doctor, and only then turn their attention to a variety of opinions about the use of the drug Grippferon young children in children's forums on the Internet.

How many days or weeks it is necessary to bury the drug to the child if he is the flu?

drip nose to your child until he becomes healthy.We have already mentioned that the greatest effect in the treatment of influenza disease and many other viral diseases of the drug has been on the initial stage of the disease, but the immunomodulatory properties of interferon will be useful and in the later stages of the treatment of your baby.Since the infection will occur faster and easier, and the disease will take place much faster, and the risk of complications is significantly reduced.

How drip drug in the baby's nose?

Like many other nasal drops, drug Grippferon for small children properly instilled in the supine position with the head turned to the side of your child and drip into the nostril.Then you have to rotate the baby's head to the opposite side, and drip a second nostril.

What dosage form of the drug Grippferon best drops or spray?

the Internet so many different reviews about this drug.This feedback can be both positive and negative.In fact, if you read carefully enough the operating instructions of the drug, you are sure to know that the drug Grippferon - and a nasal spray, nasal drops, and - are identical to both the concentration of the active substance and composition.But this drug is available in two different forms for a fairly simple reason.The fact that children aged up to three years to use the spray is not desirable.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov