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Pneumonia in Children - Symptoms and Treatment

Pneumonia in Children children at an early age often become ill with pneumonia because of dangerous complications from influenza and acute respiratory diseases.Pneumonia also occur independently, due to pathogens such as fungi or bacteria.

factors that predispose pneumonia are the deterioration of immunity, malnutrition (vitamin deficiency), hypothermia, etc.

Symptoms of pneumonia:

If your child has pneumonia, he becomes restless, decreased appetite, disturbed sleep.His body temperature rises, there is a fever, and sometimes sweating, cough is present, it becomes heavy and fast breathing: children up to 2 months.- 60 or more breaths (one must assume either input or exhalation), 2 months.up to 1 year - about 50 or more.

The body begins shortage of oxygen.Because of this, there is blue around the eyes and nasolabial triangle.But please note that babies in the first months of life the temperature is normal, and the cough is intermittent.

treatment of pneumonia in children:

If all symptoms indicate that the child is dev

eloping pneumonia, you should immediately consult your doctor.It is not necessary to treat the child home-made!The kid must be under the supervision of specialists, not fully completed until the inflammation in the lungs.

main treatment for pneumonia - antibiotics.It will be helpful to rub the chest balm with eucalyptus oil and extract.When doctors prescribe expectorant cough syrups or tablets.Maybe the doctor will decide to put the child in the hospital.You should not give up - there is a child will do all procedures that can not be done at home.Author

publications: Leonid Guryev

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