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A hyperactive child symptoms

hyperactive child syndrome - a form of minimal brain dysfunction.The causes of account for a lot, the most common can be divided into three groups:

- genetic factor, an inherited predisposition;

- biological causes - birth injuries, infectious diseases during pregnancy, etc .;

- socio-psychological - alcoholism in the family, difficult living conditions, mistakes in education.

A hyperactive child symptoms Children with hyperactivity syndrome are constantly in motion, somewhere to run, grab something, often dropping and breaking things falling into their hands.They are all interesting, but their curiosity is very short attention immediately switched to another object.Such children are usually called "awl", "little motor", "perpetual motion."Typical children's questions "What?What for?Why? "Children are rarely asked, and even being given the answer to the question is rarely listen.

Watching hyperactive kid, you may notice some loss of coordination of movements - he often falls while moving bumps into objects, movements clumsy

and awkward.Bruises, bumps and scratches - eternal companions of these children, but the injury did not learn the lessons and cones stuffed again and again.

The nature of hyperactive children often manifest traits such as stubbornness, temper, mood swings, excessive aggressiveness, confusion, restlessness.Relax, relax kid manages only during sleep.But even here there are difficulties.Daytime sleep, even in infancy is virtually absent, and restless night.They find it difficult to learn a new skill, there are difficulties in the perception of the assigned tasks, as all it requires focus and concentration.By comparing their achievements with the success of other children, the child is upset, you may be low self-esteem.In public places such children immediately become the focus of attention because behave noisy, too actively, for all the missing, often breaks down, they do not react to the comments of parents.

Hyperactivity is even at preschool age.Parents can irritate emotional instability, clumsiness, obsessive child.A child does not comply with orders given to him, and the comments and penalties do not give the desired effect.If a family has other children, whose actions pose a hyperactive child as an example, the psyche baby may suffer greatly.

School life leads to further complication of the situation.The acquisition of the new material is difficult for, aggravated relations with teachers and parents, and this leads to an increase in behavior disorders.

hyperactive children characterized by impulsive behavior - first making and then thinks inappropriately responds to questions in a conversation may interrupt the interlocutor, drastically change the subject.When communicating with peers conflicts may arise when engaging in collaborative games since hyperactive children often are neglected and do not follow the rules of the game.

for hyperactive children with attention difficult to perform repetitive tasks with repetitive actions, attention is turning to another occupation, and the case is not brought to an end.

As a child growing up in the transition to adulthood, symptoms decreased hyperactivity, but impulsive behavior and attention disorders can manifest themselves in adulthood.

mental development of hyperactive children corresponds to a normal level, carried out tests show good results, difficulties arise because of the inability to organize their work, will focus on the workflow.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva

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