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The symptoms of appendicitis in children

Contrary to popular judgment flux appendix (most familiar to mankind as appendicitis) threatening man at a young age.For example, hypothermia, immune suppression, long action of viral infection and the other pathogenic mutagens can begin to generate a festering appendix.Together with those signs of appendicitis in children in a form different from an adult organism.

The symptoms of appendicitis in children must know how to recognize threatening for the human disease, which with its own special features may be able to exist with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.A characteristic feature of inflammation "pretend" to secure for the body of the disease, but in fact it brings secretive and very dangerous threat posed by the choice of the wrong treatment strategies.

So how do you find appendicitis in a child?Immediately it is necessary to note the general duty of painstaking checking health of the child.

first symptoms of appendicitis in children:

• Basically quite bitterly inflamed appendix.This kid has a chance to feel a sudden pain

and the pain can come back after a certain time after the cessation of pain;

• Illness above the navel, which your little one will complain, is a sign of appendicitis.Then the disease manifests itself in the right abdomen area (of course there are exceptions).Almost all babies immediately feel the pain particularly in the area of ​​the appendix;

• Heterogeneous pain.There are all chances to appear dull aching pain and unbearable acute pain.These pains are constant;have thrust increase with walking or at rest in position lying on his left side;

• Persistent symptoms of inflammation of the appendix - is vomiting, weakness and nausea.These first symptoms of appendicitis are seen in 75% of cases;

• A slight elevation in temperature indicates that the inflammatory process occurs.The symptoms of appendicitis in children - a recording of the body temperature to 37-38 ° C.In special cases, the temperature may rise to 39 ° C;

• Kids will not feel the problems with defecation.Only in very rare cases, it may be a delay of a chair;

• personality Anatomical location appendicitis characterize the place of pain.Determine appendicitis is only capable of experienced doctors, having examined all the signs of appendicitis in young people;

• Feelings of pain have every chance to die down when changing the position of the body, for example to turn the baby to the other side;

first signs of inflammation of appendicitis - of course it is vomiting and acute pain.

At detection of those signs of the baby, immediately examine the painful area of ​​the abdomen.With support for secure palpation, listening to the child of pain in the right abdomen look a little seal.Pressing his fingers, the baby will feel severe pain.It should be slightly to wait (until then, as long as the pain will not work) and cease to put pressure on the abdomen of the baby.If a kid again felt pain, then your child is really acute appendicitis.We must immediately call an ambulance.

symptoms of appendicitis in young people is largely identical to the symptoms of the disease in children.This is mainly due to the physical personality the child's body.Development of inflammation in the tissues is much more than that of the mature organism.Children and young people are often the first on the pain in the stomach prior to the development of peritonitis (abdominal abscess) is held for a few hours, while the first symptoms of appendicitis in adults most people have a few days to a dangerous condition.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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