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Dermatitis in infants

Dermatitis in infants baby skin is very sensitive, so dermatitis can occur even from the use of conventional diapers and sliders.The word "dermatitis" is derived from the Latin dermis (skin), and the end -it that medicine is an inflammatory process.

skin is the sixth part of the total body weight, is the largest human organ and performs a number of important functions: heat, protection, maintenance of immunity.It is therefore important to take care of the health of the baby's skin.

Contact dermatitis

So called dermatitis caused by contact with some irritant.In the adult human dermatitis can be caused by:

- friction;

- pressure;

- or cold;

- an acid or alkali;

- some kinds of plants: nettle, cow parsnip, acrid buttercup, spurge).

Because children have thinner and more sensitive skin, sore begins soon, and the list of causes of dermatitis (which is not terrible for adults) a lot more:

- own selection of the Child (sweat, urine, feces);

- household chemicals and cosmetics (cream, soap, washing powder);

- contact with metal objects;

- increased sensitivity to friction (even seams on the garment can cause dermatitis, so the children's clothes often make flat seams or external).

contact dermatitis (if it does not cause allergic reactions) often goes away after removing the source of irritation, and does not require the use of medicines.However, should be wary of the complications that can cause infection (eg, Staphylococcus aureus).

signs of dermatitis in children are redness, burning, itching, swelling, fever, inflammation at the site.

Preventing contact dermatitis in children under the age of

1) avoid contact with chlorine.Water for bathing is best to boil or filter.There is this: to leave a bowl of water overnight to give the chlorine to evaporate.

2) for washing baby clothes to use only special children's soap or powders and thoroughly rinse the laundry.

3) Use the clothes directly in contact with the skin, white (contains no dyes).Pay attention to the composition: children's clothes should not contain synthetic fibers, only natural - 100% linen or cotton.Before the first wearable new clothes, be sure to wash with soap and children.

4) Baby shampoo and soap to use no more than once a week.This is due to the fact that the funds contained in active substances affect the natural protective film of the skin fat.

5) Do not buy toys on the market and wait a little teddy.Kids often take toys in his mouth, so toys for children under one year should be necessarily certified and meet the hygiene requirements.

6) Wash your nipples, bottles and rattles only special means without chlorine.

7) Pay special attention to hygiene of baby's skin in the folds and points of contact with clothing (neck, armpits, groin).

8) Use disposable diapers, change them as often as every 3-4 hours, as well as into the physiological functions.Avoid prolonged contact with feces.

treatment of dermatitis in infants

- scuffed treat bacterial, reduces inflammation means.For this purpose, you can use a softening and moisturizing cosmetic oils (almond, peach).

- moist skin with no clearly defined inflammation can dry powder or zinc talker.

- In marked inflammation is better to apply more active agents, which improve the metabolism of the skin: a special ointment, relieves itching and redness.

- Dermatitis having an allergic origin, treated topically with creams and antihistamine drugs inside the complex: antihistamines, sedatives fees herbs (peony, valerian), probiotics.To choose the tools you need to be sure to consult with your doctor.

- With deep skin lesions and complications caused by fungal or bacterial infection, hormonal apply ointment with corticosteroids courses lasting 10 days in combination with antibacterial or antifungal agents.Suitable is your baby medication prescribed by a doctor.

- You can use some tips from traditional medicine.For example, well help compresses raw potatoes to be cleaned, grate and put the resulting mass in the inflamed area of ​​the skin, fixing bandage.Hold for about 2 hours.For one, you need to compress about 100 grams of potatoes.

- For the treatment and prevention of dermatitis are very good air baths.You can apply them after the baby is a month, and strictly follow the time of their adoption, beginning with 2-3 minutes and gradually increasing the time to 10-12 minutes.

The room temperature should be not to start below 22 degrees, and it can be gradually reduced to 18-19 degrees, thus tempering the child and toning the skin.Air baths can be carried out at any time before bathing, when changing diapers, before or after feeding.

author of the publication: Olga Lazareva

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