Diseases in Children

Flu-like symptoms in children and treatment methods

Children flu symptoms are much more severe than in adults.They have acute respiratory infections are characterized by a sharp rise in temperature, muscle weakness, nausea and dizziness, and sometimes even vomiting.Not fully formed and fragile children's immune system is not yet able to deal effectively with influenza and complications that causes this disease.At a time when adults can carry the flu, so to speak on your feet and take a strong anti-viral drugs, while continuing to work, in the process, the children necessarily need to comply with bed rest.In children, the first symptoms of flu at untimely treatment develop into serious complications and lead to pathologies such as chronic bronchial lasting allergic reactions and acute intestinal disorders.

As soon as the child emerged the very first symptoms of the flu, you should not wait until the doctor arrives, act immediately.To help prevent the complications that lead to serious complications, is possible by means of cleansing the body of the child

from germs and toxins occurring in the course of their life.If the child's body is weakened, it may be bad enough to fight infections - in this context it is necessary to immediately clean the sorbent, manufactured based on silicon.The most effective drug that is designed and developed based on silicon of natural origin, modern pediatricians believe Polysorb.This drug is active and effective displays all poisons, germs and toxins that are unhealthy child's body almost immediately.

Even the first symptoms of flu are obliged to immediately alert the child's parents, asFlu - this is absolutely not easy to get rid of the disease and the child's body is not easy.In order to not let flu complications should be competent treatment without leaving the house, because children weakened body draws from surrounding microbes is new.And if the new influenza virus are added to the state of the sick child, the influenza virus begins to mutate, causing it to acquire a complicated form - with her most of the traditional antiviral drugs simply can not cope.It should be noted that in recent years, pediatricians observe that child influenza is much longer and be transported relatively hard.This disease often develops slowly in the middle stage of a light - as a result of the flu becomes extremely gipertoksichnym for the child's body.

Many parents use medication only traditional methods and means of giving, for example, only milk with honey or put mustard.But such treatment of a serious flu clearly running efficiently - it is not enough.The first thing you need to change your lifestyle kid and saturate it with vitamins, to provide him with a proper diet, rest and sleep mode.Also, the children's body needs medication help to cleanse the body of toxins and microbes - should take the drug on the basis of silicon Polysorb that has absolutely no side effects and can be taken even by infants.

As soon as you notice the first symptoms of flu symptoms in a child, you should immediately begin the purification of his body silicon helper - to give the kid Polysorb.Indeed, this disease in any case can not be tightened, because there is a possibility to cause serious complications-even asthma.To treat the flu do not need to give children antibiotics asthey are often not only ineffective, but also cause a lot of consequences.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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