Diseases in Children

Than to treat throat in infants

In most situations in a satisfactory condition at the time of the child's runny nose with complications in the use of the throat intensive treatment is required.It is only necessary to control and ensure quality ventilation and humidification of indoor air.It is also necessary regular wet cleaning with special tools.

Than to treat throat in infants In cases where the temperature is relatively high, it is necessary more often and not a lot to give nursing baby boiled water.Many experts advise starting treatment directly from throat gargle.For such procedures are best suited chamomile teas, as well as sage.It is necessary to try to make sure that the child realized that caress the neck - is cool and interesting.To do this, you can try to do the procedure, together, presenting it as an entertaining game.It is necessary to control the temperature of the broth.It is in any case should not be cold.

addition to direct treatment of the throat, due attention should be paid and nutrition.Since poor appetite is a normal reaction of the body o

f the child to illness, it is not recommended to try to force-feed him.More important is the continuous monitoring and removal of mucus in the nasal ducts.If the child refuses the breast, try to offer him as a variant of expressed milk in a bottle or spoon.If you notice that your baby has simply ceased to tolerate milk, try to feed him a mixture, but before that you should consult your pediatrician.

infants who feels bad because of the disease, especially needed warmth and affection.It is not recommended in any way make him feel anxious and worried, since emotions adults often transmitted to children.Most take him up, do not worry about the fact that he quickly becomes accustomed to such treatment, it is the other way around will help him to feel protected and secure.It is also possible the use of various vasoconstrictor drugs that can be purchased at any pharmacy, it will help facilitate the flow of cold, but not eliminate the cause.It is also possible to use a variety of nasal drops.

But what is treated in an infant's throat, if the cause of the disease are different viral infections?If you have a strong belief that the cause was the ice cream redness or hypothermia, it can be all kinds of help here already tested recipes.If you can not understand the cause of these symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.After the necessary examinations the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.In such a situation one can not exclude the possibility of launching a serious illness.For example, a sore throat can be overcome through a variety of antibiotics, but they are helpless in case of infection.Paying due attention to the prevention and take all necessary measures to protect the child from possible ill in the future.

What other symptoms are accompanied by redness of the throat?

discuss, behaviors of the child and the options of what parents should look at the redness of the throat of the child.If, during the inspection of the throat of the child, the parents clearly see gitermirovannost the back wall, there is an evaluation of the overall health of the child.

With good condition of the child, lack of intoxication, fever and complaints of pain in the throat, it may be symptoms of acute pharyngitis.They help eliminate systemic therapy, the main treatment of respiratory viral infection or childhood infection.

Severe pain in the throat, fever and symptoms of intoxication can say that the child angina.In this case, you must always consult with a specialist to carry out active treatment and general antibiotic therapy if necessary.

Questions of treatment resulting from the redness of the throat.

Faced with a red throat, parents should be sure to take into account the fact that the red throat can be an indication of a number of diseases.And in most cases, therapy aimed at getting rid of the redness will not give the desired results.A self-application of various antiseptics, antibacterial agents and salt solutions, can trigger the development of dysbiosis throat.

Dysbiosis pharynx - the destruction of oral microflora, leading to a decrease in the protective functions, so that the mouth is open to various kinds of infections.

Just when self-medication can be seen to the rapid adaptation of microorganisms used drugs.This can make it difficult to conduct several acute diseases in the throat when it is needed.

Based on the above, we can conclude that we should not be engaged in treatment of such a thing as a "red throat".And going to use any medication for his rinses or irrigation, initially must be clear objectives of such treatment.

In some cases, no third-party intervention and is not required, it will be enough just to cure the underlying disease, which was the cause of the red throat

author of the publication: Eduard Belousov

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