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Diapers for babies

diapers for newborn Today, hardly used reusable diapers for children who are considered to be a relic of the past.This is not surprising, because the reusable diapers - it's just laid in several layers of gauze, which is deleted after each use and dried.Reusable diapers is one such advantage over the one-time, in the rest of the second option is incomparably better.

Due to the fact that gauze has a very low absorption properties, they must be frequently changed, or the child have any diaper rash on the skin.If the skin is very sensitive, there may be cracks that are dangerous infection of wounds or appearance of pelёnochnogo dermatitis.Currently, doctors recommend the use of disposable diapers, especially in the first months after birth.Despite the fact that their price is much higher than that of reusable in the sale is a huge range of diapers, which have an affordable price and high quality.

Disposable diapers seriously make life easier for young parents, especially at first.Use them not only gives restful sleep a c

hild, but his parents, who are a little more relaxing after a hard day.In order to understand what are the main benefits of disposable diapers, you need to understand how to construct what the diapers of their composition.

The first layer is an inner diaper and it has direct contact with the skin of the child.This layer consists of a soft material which is very good air permeability and liquid.In some cases, the inner layer of the diaper is applied sunscreen moisture that falls on the child's skin with a protective layer and protects it from moisture.The composition of this cream contains stearic alcohol, petroleum jelly, and vegetable components.Cream perfectly protects the baby's skin, it does not prevent the absorption of moisture diaper.

second layer is absorbent diaper.Usually it consists of the pulp using an adsorbent, in other words a gelling agent.adsorbent capable of absorbing a liquid which is 50 times its weight.It is the distribution of the sorbent in diapers, they are different for boys or girls.All the difference is that in diapers for boys, the sorbent is located in the uppermost part, and in models for girls - in the middle of the diaper and in the rear.

sale, there are also universal model, where the absorbent material is distributed evenly throughout the diaper.Such models often have an additional layer of cellulose, which penetrates through the liquid is evenly distributed in the sorbent.Universal models thinner than special, but this they do not lose their absorbent properties.

The third layer is a waterproof diaper.Less expensive diapers to be manufactured from polyethylene.However, the most popular are "breathable" diapers, which are made of a certain technology.The improved model of waterproof layer has special openings called micropores, for air circulation and to touch this layer as cotton fabric.

should not lose sight of the diaper and fasteners.Depending on the model of the diaper and absorption level, diapers and fasteners are of varying complexity.most simple zip - adhesive, which acts as an adhesive tape.Their disadvantage is that after you remove the diaper from the baby, then you can not put it as the Velcro is not fastened.They soon will be ruined and if they accidentally gets powder or baby cream.If we talk about reusable clasps, such as those that are on the shoes, you do not have these drawbacks, as in previous ones.

today in stores and you can buy diapers, which are protected against leakage.This protection is provided by a special elastic cuffs around the legs of the child, as well as soft elastic belt at the waist.This model modern diapers are completely safe for the baby's skin.There is much debate about the frequent use of diapers for boys in particular, but here it should be noted that everything should be in moderation.

Many parents fear the greenhouse effect with frequent use of diapers.It argued that the constant use of disposable diapers can cause overheating of the genitals of boys and further lead to infertility.This view is based on numerous studies which have shown that the temperature and air under wet disposable diaper is much higher than under the conventional gauze.That is why a much more careful use of breathable diapers while they try as often as possible to change.

Actual tips for selecting and using diapers

- Try not to stock diapers of any brand for the future, especially if you have not yet used it in practice.It's best to buy a few baby diapers from different manufacturers and choose the most suitable option.A sign that these diapers exactly fit for your child - a healthy and clear skin without inflammation, diaper rash and allergies.

- When buying diapers need to consider the weight of your child.Always look at the labels on packages.If you buy a small diaper for your baby, you have to change them too quickly, and the skin may seriously grate.If diapers shall get larger, they will be on the body and even fidget occur resulting in gaps.

- When buying diapers always check the expiry date.This is due to the fact that the quality of the sorbent deteriorates over time and apply overdue diapers can be dangerous for the baby's health.

- Always wear a properly diaper on the baby.Make sure that the external frills not tucked inside, otherwise it may happen leak moisture.

- A child should not constantly in the diaper.It must be replaced by as often as possible: after a walk, after sleeping, and always when there was a baby chair.After take off the diaper, the baby should be undercut and leave for a while to take the air bath.The package with diapers can not be stored in wet areas, it should be a dry room, with no sudden changes in temperature.

- Do not experiment with brands of diapers.If you have already found the option that fits perfectly for your baby, do not change the brand - use it constantly.If you do not have to buy diapers trusted manufacturer, the child should not be in them for a long time, in order to avoid possible allergies.

- The child can not play with diapers, as in case of contact of the sorbent in the baby's mouth, it can occur strong eating disorders.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva