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Pharyngitis in Children - Symptoms and Treatment

Pharyngitis in Children - Symptoms and Treatment Actually pharyngitis in children can occur not only in the cold winter, but in summer.Some children pharyngitis seen two or three times a year.The symptoms of pharyngitis is sore and ottekshie mucosal tissue of the rear wall of the throat.Accordingly, it is painful.Symptoms each child may vary certain degree of gravity.

What may in fact cause such a disease as a sore throat?For example, children pharyngitis mainly caused by hazardous and harmful viruses, incidentally, the same virus that excite diseases such as the flu or a cold.In some cases, and pharyngitis may occur in children who are in their teens - infectious mononucleosis.This kind of disease is caused by certain types of the virus, which has the name - Epstein-Barr.Only 20 years in the human body immune to this kind of diseases such as infectious mononucleosis.Accordingly, in the same age a person starts to get sick much less often a pharyngitis.Pharyngitis, besides viruses may also be caused by a variety of bacteria.In fact, the definition

of the bacteria that cause the disease it is necessary, as it will depend on further treatment.Therefore, viral or bacterial pharyngitis to be treated different kinds of medicines.Therefore, the disease should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary medication.Self-treatment can be not only correct, but even harmful.

One of the most common bacteria that can cause pharyngitis - strep group A. By the way, this bacterium is a common cause in the manifestation of acute pharyngitis disease.In addition, the throat can be caused by later gonorrhea or other types of diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact.

Symptoms of children manifestations of pharyngitis.

first symptom that can occur in a child on the second day after the disease - a cough, hoarseness, nasal congestion and a runny nose.The most common symptom of pharyngitis - a watery and irritated eyes.Sometimes the child's body may appear rash - it is also considered one of the symptoms of pharyngitis.Bacterial pharyngitis has its symptoms - sudden sore throat and pain when swallowing.The child will be raised temperature, headaches appear.Throat begins to redden and swell up, on the tonsils may stain whitish-yellow.Besides pharyngitis is accompanied by an unpleasant odor that comes from the mouth of the patient.The child may complain of abdominal pain and nausea.When the acute type of pharyngitis or bacterial pharyngitis of the child on the body may make a rash.This rash will look like a sunburn.

How is it diagnosed?

When a doctor examines a sick child, he always examines the throat and the neck feels.On the neck of the child may be some swelling.With the help of a smear can confirm or deny the occurrence of the disease.Pap is taken from the patient's throat with a cotton swab.If a child is sick with bacterial pharyngitis, test results can reveal a certain kind of bacteria that prompted a disease.

Methods of treatment of pharyngitis in children.

treatment of such diseases as pharyngitis, a child should be carried out according to the existing symptoms of the disease and causes symptoms of the disease.If you do not know what medication is best to apply the treatment, it is best to turn to domestic methods.For example, it has long been known that garlic copes with almost all diseases of the throat.Typically, garlic is useful in the initial stages of the disease when the pain caused by viruses.All because garlic has excellent anti-fungal and antiviral properties.Garlic can be used alone or add it to the food.The most important thing when such treatment is not subjected to thermal processing the garlic, as due to temperature effects, he may lose all of its healing properties.For example, you can use one of the medical prescriptions - one glass of tomato juice, you can add two pre-chopped garlic cloves, here you can add Worcestershire sauce.Drink this kind of therapeutic cocktail will be pleased with meals.

In order to alleviate the pain in the throat may be used and other food products.For example, broth, soup, oatmeal and potatoes.To the patient was simpler and easier to eat, it can be ground in a blender.In order to calm the intense pain in the throat is necessary to use frozen treats such as frozen yogurt or sorbet.

most important thing - the treatment of pharyngitis in a child must be constantly gargle.You can use warm water to which you add a little salt.That's only if the child is small enough, this method can hardly be applied.Therefore, another solution would be a special solution to rinse the throat, which can always be purchased at the pharmacy.By the way, this kind of drug can completely prepare yourself at home.To do this, dissolve 2 teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water.

Acute pharyngitis in young children and treatment methods.

usually cause strep throat bacterium called streptococcus.In addition to this type of bacterial pharyngitis may cause symptoms of scarlet fever.Mostly acute form of the disease can manifest itself pharyngitis in children up to 17-18 years.Then the number of pharyngitis disease is sharply reduced.Strep can be identified by certain characteristics.In addition to acute sore throat and certain symptoms of the common signs of the disease appear bright red rashes that resemble the texture of sandpaper.Such lesions may appear on the abdomen, chest and hands.

When strep throat pain in Gol, a child may appear because of the inflammatory process, which affected soft tissues.Such infections like strep affects the tonsils, and they swell, turn red and they may have pus or white spots.Lymph nodes, which are located on the sides of the neck may also be affected, they may swell - this will be the reaction of the whole organism to streptococcal infection.

treat such an acute sore throat can be rinsing using a solution of warm water and salt.Throat necessary to rinse as often as possible.Sore throat can cause vomiting or nausea.Abdominal pain can also occur in children infected with acute pharyngitis.Important ensure that the body was dehydrated.To do this, you must constantly use a liquid small but frequent sips.

author of the publication: Svyatoslav Sitnikov

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