Diseases in Children

The temperature of a child without symptoms

The temperature of a child without symptoms In the period of active growth in children is often a fever, without apparent reason.Parents of the baby immediately panic, seeing a thermometer to measure more than 370 C and a fear of occurrence of any serious viral diseases.

Basically, these unexplained temperature jumps do not contain dangerous and are considered the norm, but they can sometimes indicate the presence, of a dangerous disease of the baby or the inflammatory process.

What asymptomatic increase in body temperature of the baby?

If you have a child's fever, parents should carefully examine the child for the presence of any rash or other reactions and observe changes in the behavior of the baby.If the fever is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, cough or runny - it indicates the presence of a child or an intestinal virus infection.In this state parents need as quickly as possible to show the pediatrician and infectious diseases, in order to avoid possible intoxication and dehydration.

This fairly common cases of treatment of parents

with children to the doctors, who in addition to elevated body temperature of the child is not observed other symptoms of the disease.

What causes fever in children without symptoms?

root cause of fever in a child can be a congenital abnormality, such as heart disease.In the presence of this disease in children is often observed temperature jumps to different values.Often doctors associate them with the transfer of the child or the stress of climate change.For the prevention of asymptomatic temperature jumps doctors recommend spending tempering children.

Just very common cases of fever in children in case of overheating.Mom always worried that the baby is not cold mud, afraid that he will freeze and thus inadvertently can cause fever baby, wrapped it too for a walk or at home.As temperature jumps in children are observed in the summer during the extreme heat.Thermoregulation in infants not yet sufficiently developed, and in the heat, they lose a lot of liquid, so that may occur dehydration and fever in infants.Therefore, pediatricians strongly recommend putting babies respectively weather, but in the heat monitor the amount consumed and output of body fluids, to give the baby to drink more and not leave the stroller with a child in the open sun.

Another cause of increased body temperature without symptoms are skin lesions in children, it may be scratches, sores on the skin, as a wound or mucous membrane of the internal organs, which can be applied by foreign bodies located in the body of the child.In the field of foreign bodies getting into the body, there is redness and inflamed area is formed, in the same stand, pyrogenic - special substances causing fever.

Asymptomatic increase in body temperature can occur in children with weak, not yet well-established because of their age, mentality.They are on the background of hysteria or crying, loud noises and other factors irritating the nervous system of the body temperature rises.Parents of these children are recommended to carefully monitor the psychological and emotional toll on children.

further cause fever in children should be noted allergic reactions.In recent years significantly increased the number of children with allergies.Often allergens when ingested baby attack it from the inside, causing fever in children, and skin eruptions manifest themselves on the body.With early detection and proper treatment of the allergen, the above symptoms subside and eventually disappear altogether.

Sometimes fever may be observed in children after high emotional and physical activity - it is a kind of response or reaction of the body to fatigue and stress.But after a long rest or sleep, everything comes back to normal and the temperature drops.

Just cause elevated body temperature with no other visible symptoms can be a reaction to the vaccination.For the first year or two of life baby, vaccinated him quite often - in the first days after birth, a month, three, four, five, six months and a year.Thus the child's body responds to the introduction of bacteria into the body and includes its protection by stimulating the immune system.Fever after vaccination is considered normal during the day after vaccination.Sometimes after grafting "live vaccines", or DTP fever can hold a child up to three days and not exceed 38.50 S.

What else could be the reason asymptomatic increase in body temperature in a child?

often in newborns and in the first month of baby's life, there is increased body temperature to 37,50S, pediatricians call this phenomenon physiological fever and dehydration as a consequence of excess salt in the body of the baby in the first days of life.In the process of the restoration of normal and proper lactation, such symptoms disappear and the body temperature to normal.

contentious issue among physicians remains hanging in temperature in children, as a result of teething.Pediatricians have come to believe that diarrhea and vomiting, which the mother is taken as a sure sign of the approaching teeth indicate an infectious disease in a child that emerged against the backdrop of a weakened immune system when cutting.A fever and fever for a few days, it may appear when swollen gums in children.

Another cause of fever without any other signs and symptoms include the presence of a child disorders or diseases of the nervous system.Such violations conditionally divided into chronic and ostrotekuschie.In chronic disorders there is a failure in the nerve centers of the body and as a consequence of increased body temperature.Such problems with regulators often occur in children with brain injuries, birth injuries microcephaly.If such a fever, no rupture of the heart rate and respiration in infants, the temperature may be different at different parts of the body.Generally, with an increase in body temperature significantly increases respiratory rate and heart rate, for each degree.

Just cause fever in children, can be serious diseases such as diabetes, leukemia, anemia or hormonal imbalance.Increased body temperature can indicate the body's reaction to the introduction of drugs such as atropine, barbiturates, or antibiotics.

On summer days, in the heat should not coddle and too warm to wear children as overheating, excessive sweating, a child may begin a fever, and the thermoregulation of the body does not change, and because of the large amount of clothes excessive body heat will not be displayed by the bodyoutwardly.In such cases, antipyretic drugs are simply ineffective, the child requires cooling of the body in a natural way - baby need to undress, wash and take in the cool room.

If you managed to cope with unexplained fever in a child should not be put off his visit to the doctor.Qualified specialists will conduct a number of studies and analyzes aimed at identifying the causes, correct diagnosis and further treatment if necessary.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva