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Tuberculosis in children symptoms and treatment

Tuberculosis in children symptoms and treatment This illness as tuberculosis in children is often accompanied by the formation of weakness.These children become quite irritable, they drop the weight.Children with TB are starting to get tired more from school lessons than the category of healthy children.Sick child becomes more diffuse, which can lead to a significant backlog in study.

During tuberculosis may experience a slight fever and enlarged lymph nodes.Moreover, tuberculin positive.In the course of the disease tuberculosis, tuberculous rods contact occurs in an organism, where the data sticks are deposited in the lymph nodes, which produce toxins selection.It is these toxins produce a negative impact on the human body.

chronic tuberculous intoxication is the main form of TB in a child.It is this form of TB is often sick child's body.To the child's body coped well with the disease, it is necessary to notice the symptoms of tuberculosis, which are inconspicuous, and therefore promptly to provide the necessary treatment.

tuberculosis of the
bronchial glands.

Quite often the child's body falls ill with tuberculosis of the bronchial glands.In the chest, in a place of passage of the bronchi and large blood vessels are located bronchial cancer.Quite often, TB germs get there with the help of the blood supply.In this process, in the bronchial glands appear tubercular inflammatory foci.In the process of destruction of the bronchial glands, symptoms of the disease occurs in various forms.In some cases, the onset of the disease similar to flu.In this process, the child is an increase in temperature and the appearance of cough.With all of this, this condition may be delayed for periods exceeding the period of exposure to the flu.Therefore, an extended delay of high temperature and persistent cough, you should immediately seek help from a medical specialist about checking the child for TB.

worth noting that tuberculosis of the bronchial glands are not always begins acutely.As a rule, students develop the disease is gradual.In the process, there is a change in the behavior of the child.At the same time he observed lethargy, fatigue and moodiness shown.In the process of developing the disease is formed cough, the child loses weight, appears pale.

worth noting that tuberculosis of the bronchial glands of children are ill more frequently than pulmonary tuberculosis.In areas hit tubercular sticks in the lungs, is the development of inflammatory processes.During this lung damage in children prolonged increase in temperature.

pulmonary tuberculosis.

Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in a child made harder tuberculosis of the bronchial glands.However, this form of the disease completely curable.In this case, you need time to turn to medical specialists, as well as long and hard to continue treatment.Along with this, there are cases of unfavorable course of pulmonary tuberculosis.In the course of this disease can be accompanied by the collapse of the lung tissue and the development of inflammatory lesions in other organs.In most cases, these processes occur in young children.

tuberculosis of the lymph nodes.

defeat of the peripheral lymph nodes is particularly evident among younger children.During the course of the disease, the lymph nodes are formed inflammatory lesions affecting the lymph node enlargement in size.In some cases there is a softening of the lymph nodes.In the process, they abscess.Next pus flows out, during which formed fistulas that do not heal for a long time.

These forms of TB in a child may appear in skin lesions.First, they take the form of a small tumor.This tumor is detectable in the thickness of the skin.Further, the tumor increases and softens.In this process, pus comes out, and the resulting fistula long heals.To prevent the development of this form of TB, it is necessary when a tumor of the lymph nodes, as well as the appearance of skin tumors, promptly address the medical specialist for the timely establishment of the causes of the disease and its treatment immediately.

tubercular defeat of bones and joints.

During the defeat of TB Cossey and joints, the disease can develop slowly.A child sick with tuberculosis of the spine or joints, the disease is already in the bud begins to complain of pain during movement.In the development of the disease in children there is a change of gait, limp or formation.When the manifestation of the child or complaints data phenomena, should immediately contact a medical professional.If timely treatment is given the opportunity to avoid a plurality of heavy and irreversible effects.

tuberculosis of the meninges.

Compared with adults, children are more often exposed to tuberculosis of the meninges.His second name tubercular meningitis.The disease is quite severe and dangerous.Development of the disease occurs over several weeks.The child appears lethargy, loss of appetite, anxiety, headache, fever.In a later development of the disease appear vomiting and seizures.This disease generally occurs in children in families where there is a patient having an open form of tuberculosis.

Previously, medicine was powerless against this form of the disease.Today there were a means against this disease.In the process of using a new generation of antibacterial drugs, tubercular lesions, that develop in the meninges, begin to dissolve.In the course of this sick child starts to recover.In this case, it plays an important role the timely recognition of the disease and prompt treatment to medicine.

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva

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