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SARS in children - symptoms and treatment

According to various surveys, it became known that SARS can cause more than two hundred different kinds of viruses.SARS is an acute respiratory viral infection.By and large, this infection generally occurs in children.The disease affects the upper respiratory tract.SARS causes bronchitis and pneumonia.Therefore, for this type of infection must be treated very cautiously.It is worth noting that the ARI in a child can lead to complications such as otitis media or sinusitis.There may also be serious disruption of the central nervous system.This can lead to meningitis or other serious diseases.With the reduction of the age of the child increases the risk of complications.

symptoms of SARS.

main symptom of SARS in young children is to increase the temperature.In this process, the temperature can be increased to 39 degrees.Increasing the temperature of the child's body is due to the struggle of the body, with the presence of infection in it.Besides going mucosal edema accompanied by pains in the throat area

.In the process, the child is present cough, nose is stuffed up, or has a bad cold.In the eyes of the present severe cramps and slёzotecheniya.

specifics of the treatment of SARS in children.

is very important during the treatment of SARS, the presence of bed rest.Usually little kids can not lie still in one place.For children it is necessary to take something interesting for them.To do this for a child can read his favorite book, or come up with some interesting game that will interest him.It should hold at room temperature, not exceeding 22 degrees.The child also must not freeze, so it is necessary to dress in warm clothes.Humidity in the room where the child should correspond to 60-80%.Every day must be in the room to make wet cleaning.Humidity control is performed hygrometer.It is worth remembering that the more rapid recovery and helps to strengthen the body cool air.

During acute respiratory viral infections is necessary to use a lot of liquid.In this connection, for a young child patient of SARS, will be very helpful to use a large number of fruit drinks, juice, tea with lemon.Forced food in this case does not go good.In this case it is better to give more liquid, which has a sufficient amount of vitamins.Due to use of liquid eliminated dehydration.

If runny or stuffy nose, nasal rinsing is necessary to implement solutions on the basis of sea salt.In the process of washing the nasal passages made their direct hydration.This solution can be completely free to cook at home.To do this, is preparing a half-liter jar of boiled water, to which is added a teaspoon of sea salt, which has no flavorings and additives are any.This salt can be purchased at any pharmacy.With the help of this tool made instillation nose every 4 hours.These drops are a vasoconstrictor, so better to take them only in case of severe swelling of the nasal mucosa.Medical experts advise to bury these drops before going to bed.It is necessary to cleanse the nasal passages of mucus.In the process, it ensures easy breathing child.During the instillation of a drop is necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions.

You should know that these drugs can be habit-forming with excessive usage.Therefore, these drugs are no longer act properly.In addition, the vasoconstrictor drops and sprays contribute to disruption of the heart rate and high blood pressure.

temperature in children during SARS.

During fever there is a struggle of the body against infection.On the advice of experts should not bring down the temperature of the body of the child until it reaches 38 degrees.However, at the same time it should take into account the state of the sick child.In the case where children are normally transferred to an elevated temperature, it can sometimes bring down even at 39.5 degrees.But before that you need to consult a health care professional.To lower the temperature of the child's body prescribed paracetamol, ibuprofen, and other drugs based on them.Also, for lowering the temperature may be used sponging.In this case, the child is revealed, and for five minutes, wipe with a sponge soaked in water.The temperature of the water to cool off should correspond to 30-32 degrees.This procedure is repeated every half hour for three hours.In the process of wiping clean water is used, without the addition of vinegar.

Some experts say that during the treatment of SARS is very effective option is the use of drugs antiallergic destination.These tools are very effective due to its strong anti-inflammatory abilities.In the course of the use of these drugs is a decrease mucosal edema.

During the sore throat of the child, it is necessary to make a gargle, using different disinfectants.These include ready-pharmacy solutions, and infusions of herbs.It is worth remembering that gargling can be done to children, starting from a certain age.

In severe forms of acute respiratory viral infections during severe respiratory diseases, your doctor may be prescribed expectorants and mucolytic drugs.During the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, quite successfully applied antiviral drugs.Data medicines intended for children can be attributed Anaferon and Amezon.The order of application of these drugs is in the instructions or the doctor should explain.

During the treatment of acute respiratory viral infection should not take antibiotics.However, in certain cases, these drugs are prescribed by your doctor.Data include cases of severe complications.

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin

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