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Croup symptoms in children

Croup symptoms in children Croup - a disease characterized by inflammation of the larynx.Symptomatic picture in croup manifest persistent cough, feeling a tickle in the throat, frequent choking and hoarseness in the voice.Call cereals may inflammation of the larynx.Croup is divided into two types - true and false croup.True cereals - kind of cereal that cause infectious wand diphtheria, which appear in inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the larynx.Symptomatic picture in true croup manifest constant feeling of suffocation.

False flu occurs on a background of suffering influenza and other infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.False croup is swollen processes of the mucous membrane of the larynx, which touch the vocal cords, which causes the processes that impede speech.

symptomatic picture of false croup.

One of the main symptom is stridor.The patient was breathing heavily.Inhalation heard a whistling sound and hoarseness.The more inflamed mucosa of the larynx, the more powerful are heard strange noises w

hen breathing.If the noise is increasing, it indicates an increase in swelling.In this case, you must seek immediate medical attention as severe swelling can lead to asthma attacks.Harbinger education stridor is a persistent cough.

Siplost voice appears only in the presence of stridor.If no stridor, hoarseness of voice suggests, rather, on the formation of laryngitis.

Since cereals can provoke a variety of respiratory diseases and influenza, the patient may experience fever, feeling of constant fatigue and listlessness, muscle pain and aching joints.If symptomatic picture of false croup appears with symptoms of colds, it is a cause for immediate treatment to the doctor.False croup require constant medical supervision.

false croup in children.

If the disease is respiratory diseases for adults does not pose any danger.And tested in a few days, the children colds runs much longer and more complex, and can lead to complications, including the appearance of false croup.False croup in children is called stenosing laryngotracheitis or acute laryngitis.False croup in children can manifest itself permanently, at any colds and become chronic.It all depends on how much infectious agents touched laryngeal mucosa.In some children, swelling of the larynx can be provoked by the most mild colds.The most poorly tolerated croup in children under 8 years old, and boys often susceptible than girls.After 8 years of croup is not dangerous for the baby, since the passage of the larynx is expanding, and the appearance of mucosal edema does not harm the child.

Symptomatic picture in croup can be shown as in the early days of the disease, and after a week after SARS.Swelling of the mucosa is enhanced at night, during sleep.Often confused with the false croup hit a foreign body in the respiratory tract of the child.But in contact with foreign bodies child loses his voice, at the rump is the possibility of speech is preserved.In some cases, parents may be confused with false croup symptoms of asthma.Asthma is characterized by labored breath, with rump difficult breath, which is accompanied by various noises.

treatment of croup.

At the first sign of croup, the child should see a doctor.If the child appeared laryngitis, but without evidence of false croup, treatment can be carried out by traditional method.

Before calling a doctor baby, you must create special conditions - the humidity in the room must be increased, and the temperature did not exceed 18 degrees.Especially, this measure is necessary if the child's body temperature rises to 38.5 degrees.

experienced staff of the clinic "ENT - Asthma" will help to quickly identify the disease and prescribe treatment based on the individual s physiological characteristics of the child.The treatment of croup in children involves relief of symptoms and prevention of complications of the disease of the mucous larynx.

In severe cases, the patient is assigned to a course of laser therapy.During recovery, the child has the opportunity to attend special courses on the restoration works of the vocal cords, as well as undergo comprehensive treatment to enhance the immune system with vitamin complexes.The rehabilitation period also includes breathing exercises and holding psychogenic rehabilitation.

Clinic "ENT - Asthma" one of the best medical centers for the treatment of respiratory diseases, particularly for very young patients who need individual approach of treatment.In the treatment in the clinic, the child eliminates puffiness processes in the mucosa of the larynx, vocal cords removed inflammation and hoarseness in his voice, to prevent the occurrence of cough, and a feeling of sore throat.Rehabilitative and preventive measures after the treatment of croup can prevent the appearance of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract that can go into the chronic stage.

author of the publication: Victoria Teterina

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