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Indigestion (diarrhea) in a child

Indigestion (diarrhea) in a child Food poisoning - indigestion, obtained as a result of eating spoiled food from microbes multiply, release toxins and poisonous plants, seeds, fungi, and other noxious plant products or products of animal origin.

If food indigestion child has a bacterial nature, it is called an intestinal infection.The agents of this rather large group of diseases are viruses and bacteria.Often faced with dysentery, salmonellosis, yersiniosis, campylobacteriosis.Intestinal infections susceptible to people of all ages, not excluding the smallest children.

poisoning in children can cause them eaten poisonous mushrooms poison which persists after treatment, such as maceration or decoction, drying, salting or pickling.The cause of poisoning can become poisonous plants: bitter almond, castor, aconite, the seeds of henbane, belladonna berries, bark wolf, wolf eyes, lily of the valley.If juice or any other poisonous plant particles will fall on the skin, it may cause eczema, dermatitis, or acute inflammation.

What can cause an upset and diarrhea in a young child?

Intestinal infections causing food poisoning in children are called "disease of dirty hands".A healthy baby is infected by a sick human intestinal infection through dirty or in bad faith washed hands dirty toys, utensils and other items.

intestinal infections often cause E. coli (Escherichia), who are in low-quality dairy products, for example, kefir or yoghurt.A food poisoning occurs because the staphylococcus actively breeding in the heat of the confectionery.The disease can cause salmonellosis any infected pathogens its products, such as eggs or meat, sausage or cooked sausage, poorly washed vegetables or herbs.Wrap Yersinia can rodents, leave the food on their livelihoods are in the cellar of fruits and vegetables.A source dysentery bacillus is often raw water or unboiled milk, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, poorly washed berries, fruits or vegetables.

What happens in the body of the child with the disorder?

toxins from the agent, trapped in the body baby, fall into various departments of the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract).Intoxication leads to inflammation of the intestine.Loose stools and vomiting dehydrate the body of the child.

Acute onset disease characterized by repeated vomiting, loose stools, especially with blood-streaked mucus or impurities and greenery, pain in the stomach - all these are the first symptoms of poisoning caused by an intestinal infection.Simultaneously with vomiting or immediately after it may have a fever.Symptoms of poisoning in children can serve their malaise, lethargy, headache, weakness, loss of appetite, refusal to eat.All these signs of intoxication caused by exposure to microbes in the body.

most severe mushroom poisoning causes death cup.Contained in this fungus phalloidin, the penetration into the circulatory system begins to break down and dissolve blood cells red blood cells.Even quartered cap pale toadstool enough to fatal poisoning.The Amanita are toxic muscaridine and muscarine.These poisons manifest themselves in the space of half an hour to two, sometimes up to ten hours after consumption.

source of poisoning may even serve as edible or conditionally edible mushrooms such as morels lines or if they are cooked on the wrong technology.You can not use old or stale mushrooms, which are already subjected to the process of decomposition, and is the breakdown of proteins, in which stand out toxic products.Eating mushrooms home canning, you can get sick such as a serious illness botulism.Its originators, hitting a mushroom from the ground, in a hermetically sealed jars in the absence of oxygen booming.This creates a very strong poison, which causes botulism.

How to food poisoning?

basis for diagnosing physician intestinal infection is a clinical picture.Also held and additional laboratory tests to identify the causative agent in the feces and vomit, and venous blood is examined to determine antibody titer.

mushroom poisoning can appear within half an hour after administration, but the symptoms of poisoning may appear much later, in the range of up to 40 hours.It all begins with dizziness, headaches, feelings of anxiety appearance.It should begin to hurt the stomach, diarrhea and cramping begins.This felt very fatigued, there is an ample cold sweat, heart rate becoming rare.If poisoning occurs amanita thirst, nausea and vomiting, sweating, weakness.And sometimes you may experience delusions and hallucinations, accompanied by dizziness, slow heart rate, shortness of breath and convulsions.

botulism occurs headache, dizziness, dry mouth.In humans, deteriorating eyesight, and double vision appears the fog in his eyes.Pupils almost do not react to light, eyelids lowered.The limbs move with difficulty, gait is wobbly, but the temperature remains normal.

How to treat children's food poisoning and upset stomach?

When a gastrointestinal disorder in the baby immediately begin the healing process.It should simultaneously address and medical help, and before the arrival of the doctor to direct all efforts to eliminate the lack of fluid and salts that are lost when the baby diarrhea.To fill the body of the child fluid use of glucose-salt solution "Regidron" juice, juice, tea, 5% glucose solution.Drinking let 5-10 minute intervals for a tea or a tablespoon.The volume depends on the age of the sick child.As enterosorbents use smectite mikrosorb or Polyphepanum.Upon detection of mucus in the stool, green or blood, the doctor is required to prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of poisoning.

If signs of poisoning appear in a child who is breastfed feeding should take a little break and drink boiled water baby.If the state facilitated, it can be returned to normal feeding.

For a child who is bottle-fed aged pause 8-12 hours.Then give him a fermented mixture can congee.Vegetable and fruit purees, cereal, meat, egg yolk, and other complementary foods are beginning to gradually only after the third day.New products, which have not yet given, can not be included in the diet of the baby until he is completely healed.

If the poisoning occurred in older children, they are transferred to a special sparing diet.For most situations, suitable rice porridge, boiled in water, mashed potatoes without butter and milk, yogurt and crackers, baked apple, pureed vegetarian soups.All you need to give small portions at frequent intervals.

If you suspect poisoning or botulism cooked mushrooms when the baby becomes sluggish, said a stomach ache or head, you should immediately consult your doctor, even if signs of poisoning are mild.You either call an ambulance or take the very sick child to the children's infectious diseases hospital.

Botulism can be treated only in the Infectious Diseases Hospital, where the victim immediately introduce protivobotulinicheskuyu serum that neutralizes the toxin.

If poisoning poisonous plants is first removed from the body poison and reduce its toxicity various antidotes.To do this, before the arrival of the doctor should be irritation of the tongue or throat cause the child to vomit.

What to do for the prevention of poisoning in children?

necessary respect for basic hygienic rules:

• washing hands before eating;

• washing hands after using the toilet;

• use only boiled water and milk;

• thorough washing of boiling vegetables, fruit;

• storage of ready-made dishes in the refrigerator for at least 2 days.

And also not to visit a fast food restaurant and do not buy products in stores untested reliability.

ready meals, especially in the heat, it should be only one meal.The disease can cause even a dish of good products treated properly, even if it will stand for a while in the heat.

Bathe children in fresh water with caution.After pathogens of intestinal diseases such as dysentery, can live up to 50 days.A child is ill with dysentery, a month after recovery is a carrier of infection, and it should not be allowed contact with other children.If you take the necessary measures, intestinal infections can be prevented.

To prevent child poisoning poisons of plant origin, it is necessary not to allow young children uncontrollably collect mushrooms, berries, do not touch unfamiliar plants.And children under five do not feed mushrooms in any form, as the child's body is not enough enzymes to digest them.

Pharmacy tincture taken only after consultation with your doctor and adhere strictly to the dose administration, which he appointed.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov

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