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Tracheitis in children - symptoms and treatment

Tracheitis in children - symptoms and treatment Tracheitis - one of the respiratory diseases that are triggered by microbial and viral pathogens.Tracheitis possible to diagnose if the lesion is localized to the trachea.

appearance of tracheitis in children provoked by laryngitis or bronchitis.If a child present both diseases diagnosed tracheobronchitis or laryngotracheitis.

The disease has a rather unpleasant symptomatic picture.Especially hard tracheitis tolerated in children.But with the right and, most importantly, timely treatment, tracheitis passes easily, and does not bear a complication for the body and the immune system.Not providing treatment in the presence of acute tracheitis symptomatic picture can trigger chronic diseases that lead to a decrease in the immune system and the frequent occurrence of viral respiratory diseases.

The most common occurrence of tracheitis are children in the age group of 5 to 7 years.At this age, tracheitis triggered by any respiratory illness.At the age of five tracheitis does not arise, since in mind the

structural features of the respiratory organs of the child at a younger age, place of infection on the location of the trachea, and the entire respiratory tract of the child.

reasons tracheitis.

To understand what tracheitis, delve a little into the structure of the respiratory tract.The trachea is connected larynx and bronchi.Trachea - a hollow tube, the entire length of which there are half rings of cartilage.The rear wall of the trachea is the cartilage, which concerns the esophagus.The junction of the bronchi to the windpipe is called a bifurcation.It is a special place where the trachea is connected to two main bronchi that extend to the lungs.Inside the sphere has the trachea epithelium and nerve endings that respond to chemical and physical stimuli.When the infectious agent reaches the tracheal mucosa, they can cause inflammation, for which the nerve endings of the trachea symptomatic picture signal tracheitis.Tracheitis can be as independent disease, and develop on the background of suffering laryngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, and other respiratory diseases.

main infectious agents is tracheitis germs and virus sticks:

1. adenovirus, enterovirus, influenza, respiratory viruses.

2. Streptococcus pneumoniae.

3. Infectious pertussis or measles.

Call tracheitis can:

1. Sudden changes in temperature, exposure to too hot or cold air.

2. air pollution irritate the effect of aerosols, household chemicals, paints.

3. Contact inspiratory way various allergic pathogens.

Tracheitis is acute or chronic.Acute tracheitis occurs suddenly, even with high immunity.Chronic stage tracheitis may occur due to improper treatment, or because of the lack of treatment in the acute form of the disease.Chronic tracheitis may result from chronic inflammation in the oral cavity and the presence of sinusitis.

Another factor that can cause tracheitis in children.Is passive smoking and poor standards of hygiene in living quarters.

symptoms of tracheitis in children.

trachea, as well as any disease that has a special symptomatic picture.However, the correct diagnosis can only be a pediatrician.Seek medical help is necessary at the first sign of tracheitis or other accompanying him diseases.

When inflammation in the mucous membrane of the trachea, there is a strong stimulation of nerve endings that trigger the appearance of cough.The main symptom of tracheitis - cough, is particularly painful, dry and dull sound.Cough tracheitis when not accompanied by sputum, but if it happens, is the sputum viscous consistency, and it is not much.Cough causes pain in the retrosternal region.The pain remains for a while and after coughing.Coughing often occurs at night, when long lying in one position.Harbinger of cough is feeling sore throat, coughing a little, which develops into severe coughing.

Cough when accompanied by tracheitis often, fever and headaches.The child feels tired, it becomes sluggish and apathetic.Often, children may experience worsening of mood.

If inflammation touched the throat, cough becomes a "barking".Coughing can enhance physical activity, excitement transferred or stressful situation, laughing or crying.This cough is accompanied by shortness of breath, and breaths are accompanied by a whistling sound.May occur voice changes, hoarseness heard.Peak cough occur during the first 4 days of illness, after which it becomes softer, reduces the number of seizures.

chronic stage of the disease is characterized by the alternation of the acute stage to the stage of calm, when there is practically no cough.It can occur when a deep breath.Most often, the cough bothers in the morning, after waking from sleep.In chronic tracheitis may increase the amount of allocated sputum when you cough, which is often accompanied by purulent formations.

Diagnostics tracheitis.

Diagnostics tracheitis in children - the work of pediatricians and pulmonologists.To diagnose the disease the doctor needed the testimony of parents about the process of developing the disease, which was before the cough as a child felt, what else have a complaint.The doctor needs to know whether the present hypothermia, or vice versa, the child has been exposed to excessive heat or hot air, there is a child's allergic reactions to external stimuli, whether the contact with chemicals.The main complaints when tracheitis are coughing at night and in the morning, chest pain, weakness, chills, fever.

main method of diagnosis - inspection and listening to the sternum.In order to cause coughing and explore its nature, the child asked to take deep breaths or cough.This will be heard in the chest wheezing, breathing will be weighted.Lungs and bronchi listening will be clean, without any extraneous noise.

Frequent dry cough in a child is often a consequence of a viral respiratory diseases, reinforcing the heavy bouts of coughing at night.These symptoms may be due to the emergence of child tracheitis.Usually, the disease is difficult to defeat respiratory and stimulates inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea, which in turn provides even breathing between the larynx and bronchi.

Often at risk for the disease, there are children with weak respiratory system, but is not an exception, defeat tracheitis children of any age, with a good and strong respiratory system.Interestingly that the disease can occur, both independently and jointly with other virusno- of respiratory infections.

Recognize children tracheitis possible by barking cough which is aggravated pain in the chest, fever and marked hoarseness and voice siplostyu.

symptoms of tracheitis can be found from the first days of the disease and timely treatment measures taken to help overcome the disease for three - four days.Do not forget that the advanced stage lung disease becomes chronic disease.


Treatment trachyte yourself home remedies completely ruled out due to the possibility of complications.Treatments have to be under the supervision of a pediatrician.

It should be noted that the use of drugs for the treatment of adults in children's tracheitis completely excluded due to possible side effects and the negative impact of these effects on the child's body.

The main goal in the fight against tracheitis - Elimination of the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by a cough.Along with this, it is necessary to restore the child's immune system and increase the amount of vitamins in the body.

Using antibiotics when not complicated tracheitis not rush, because antibiotics are required to be appointed, with the appearance of purulent complications of the disease.Symptoms of purulent tracheitis are highlighted in green in the form of sputum, fever, changes in blood test.

main objective of the treatment of tracheitis - as soon as possible passage of dry cough wet, and therefore, depart painful condition and disturbing cough will appear less often.In this case, the doctor prescribes mukalticheskie, expectorants and antitussives, such as - "Stoptussin", "ACC", "Mucosolvan" "Ambrobene".Tighten with the use of these funds should not - take up the transition from dry to wet cough.The process of treatment is to focus on the removal of mucus from the body.

effective moment in the treatment of disease is gargling with antiseptic solutions, based on inhalation of sodium chloride and other drugs, thinning mucus.

For faster expectorant process, doctors recommend drinking plenty of alkaline drink - milk with honey, mineral water "Borjomi", tea with lemon or raspberry.Also effective properties are decoctions of mother and stepmother, lime blossom, sage, licorice root, cranberry, chamomile and mint.

recovery of the immune system after tracheitis, it is recommended to accompany the intake of ascorbic acid, vitamin A, multivitamins and immunomodulators.

Upon confirmation of the viral nature of the child shall be appointed by tracheitis proven antiviral agents "Kagocel", "Arbidol", "Viferon" and "Grippferon."

Rubbing and warming the chest with warm-up means such as "Doctor MOM, the patch" Sopelka "goose fat and yellow cards is much accelerate the healing process.It is important to remember that the mustard and rubbing the child needs to be done before going to bed, completely eliminating child walking after done protsedur.Organizmu necessary, how to sweat and warm.Hot foot bath with mustard is better to use when reaching the age of five the child.

If there is a significant temperature rise in disease tracheitis, antipyretics used as a powder or syrup - "Paracetamol" and "Nurofen".

Nasal congestion disappear after the regular washing and instillation of drugs is narrowed vessels.A good solution for washing, with no side effects is seawater, which helps to alleviate breathing when cold.

Treatment of chronic tracheitis runs using similar drugs, as in acute tracheitis, supplemented with physiotherapy - inhalations with ultrasound, UHF, electrophoresis on the basis of iodine, potassium or calcium chloride.

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov

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