Diseases in Children

The symptoms of pancreatitis in children and treatment methods

The symptoms of pancreatitis in children and treatment methods pancreas - an important organ in the human body in many ways provides the digestive process.Violations of the functions and diseases of the body greatly affect a person's life, especially if it is a child.It is important to know the factors that lead to the disease.And the symptoms to timely understand and detect diseases of the pancreas.

All processes in the growing organism proceed much faster and more active, so the baby is very pronounced responds to the external environment.Acute infectious diseases, allergic reactions expressed can cause disease.Malnutrition, which a lot of carbonated soft drinks, smoked meat, spicy dishes, foods for quick snacks and meals from fast food, contributes to the gastrointestinal tract aggressive environment due to the large number of gastric juice.It can serve as one of the causes of inflammation of the pancreas.

Types of pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis - this is an inflammatory process of the pancreas that occurs in humans at any age, in both adults and children.The

disease is associated not only with the violation of the diet, but also to the action of microorganisms.A possible cause may be the same medication, for example, a child receiving powerful antibiotics can lead to reactive pancreatitis.

Three types of pancreatitis

1.Reaktivny pancreatitis

often in children, because any infectious diseases, especially more severe and complications can lead to reactive pancreatitis.In addition, any severe disease accompanied by taking a large number of medications.

2.Ostry pancreatitis

most often occurs when the pancreas edema amid strong allergen, large amounts of alcohol or strong drugs.It is evident, but is rare in children.

3.Hronichesky pancreatitis

very rare in children.The reason is a chronic process wrong food, the constant use of alcohol.The gradual destruction of the pancreas leads to constant pain in the abdomen or zoster pain.

symptoms of pancreatitis in children

-Strengths abdominal pain that occur suddenly, are cramping.Pain can give back, often encircling.A child can lie in bed, curled up in pain;

-toshnota, heartburn, repeated vomiting, not bringing relief;

-vzdutie stomach, diarrhea;

-blednaya skin, dry mucous membranes, and especially, in the mouth, white patches on the tongue, possibly a rash on the skin;

-bespokoystvo, frequent changes of mood, tearfulness, restless situation in bed, as if the child can not find a position.


the presence of these symptoms should immediately contact the local doctor or if symptoms of the disease expressed, call an ambulance.Diagnosis in a children's clinic is quite simple:

1.Provedenie blood tests, which can detect an increased content of pancreatic enzymes, changes in white blood cell count, decreased hemoglobin, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate;

2.Ultrazvukovoe of the abdominal cavity, which can be seen clear signs of inflammation (swelling, increase in size, decreased echogenicity of the pancreas).


compulsory hospitalization of the child to the hospital.Typically, no surgery or other intervention is required.It is quite a special diet and carrying out symptomatic treatment to eliminate pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.When done properly, the treatment of the symptoms pass quickly enough.


great importance in prevention is proper nutrition.A complete balanced diet, in which there are no fast food, soda, spicy and smoked food, is often the key to a healthy pancreas.As children and adults.

correct medication, doctor appointments, as a guarantee that the pancreas in the child stays healthy.And Protect the child from acute infectious diseases.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov