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Gym (fitness) for pregnant women

From the first days of pregnancy in a woman's body there are various changes, frequently causing illness.Fearing for their health, many women in the "interesting situation" lead a sedentary lifestyle.But it is much better for a pregnant constantly keep yourself in good shape, and why there are physical exercises.

Gymnastics for pregnant women

Benefits of Gymnastics for pregnant

- Strengthening the muscles in general, abdominal and back in particular;

- the saturation of oxygen;

- improvement of the cardiovascular system;

- makeup oxygen future child;

- maintaining weight and shape in the right framework.

Strengthen muscles help the expectant mother during childbirth and during pregnancy may relieve hemorrhoids and other varicose problems.We perform the exercises much better passes and postnatal adaptation of the organism.Exercising gives confidence and tranquility, and therefore, normal sleep, relieves stress, and even a decrease toksikoza.Esli woman even just walking on the street, it is beneficial to her physical

condition.There will be very handy sports watch with a pedometer function.(description of sports watches)

When do gymnastics for pregnant women?

mainly engaged in gymnastics for pregnant women can and should be the first to the last day of pregnancy.But, of course, everything depends on the state of health and the doctor's recommendations.In normal pregnancy classes may take place daily at home for 5-10 minutes, or in the hall, under the guidance of a specialist 2-3 times a week for 30-40 minutes.
In the first trimester, the fetus is secured and there is a threat of failure, it is necessary to approach the exercise with great caution.

Where to start?
Before performing the exercises start with the attitude: think about the kid, that it will be pleasant and useful to "take" part in the lesson.

Mash - walk around the room several times, make a gentle massage of the waist, abdomen and legs.
Begin with a set of breathing exercises.For example, lie on your back, place your hands on your stomach.Inhale through your nose and exhale - through the mouth.Run up to 15 times smoothly and quietly.

  1. For each period of pregnancy developed his exercises.Talk to your doctor, and be engaged in gymnastics appropriate to your term!
  2. Pregnant women can not be engaged on simulators, to develop press and perform jumps.
  3. When the tone of the uterus immediately stop exercising and relax.
  4. When palpitations, shortness of breath and immediately stop gymnastics.

Exercising in the absence of contraindications, will help improve the passage of birth.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov