Diseases of pregnancy

Herpes during pregnancy

carrier of the herpes virus is about 90% of people.Most of the life of the virus itself did not manifest itself, but with the weakening of immunity, transferred stress, disease gets freedom and begins aggravation.

Herpes during pregnancy, treatment of herpes on the lips

  1. Herpes first type rash appears on the lips and nose.
  2. Herpes second type is located on the genitals, so called "genital."

become infected with herpes can be both airborne and contact sexually becauselive virus in the blood, saliva, lymph and ganglia.

herpes How dangerous for pregnant women?

dangerous for pregnant primary herpes, ie,the rare case when the expectant mother was not a carrier of the virus before, so her body no antibodies capable to deal with it.

In the first trimester diseased herpes for the first time the possibility of significant changes in the development of the fetus and even miscarriage.

In the third trimester of the primary disease herpes threatens sinking of a child or developmental disorders of the brain.

When genital herpes may Caesarean section to child dur

ing childbirth is not contracted from the mother.

How to avoid the danger?

For calm and confidence you need:

- go early in pregnancy analysis for the presence of antibodies to herpes.If you find that they are worrying about the state of the fetus is minimized even during exacerbations, but you need to think about the prevention of diseases;

- often wash their hands, so as not to bring herpes viruses outside;

- improves immunity folk remedies;

- during exacerbation and treated with ultrasound to observe the development of the fetus;

- when genital herpes make monthly smears.

Treatment Cure herpes completely impossible.For the treatment of two kinds of means.Some act on the virus itself, while others improve immunity.

most acceptable during acute protivogerpesnym panavir drug is considered as used inside.Other agents are applied topically, i.e.vvide ointments and powders.This acyclovir, oxolinic, tetracycline ointment interferon.To improve immunity recommend immunoglobulin.Also according to the doctor can be lubricated by some space rash creams and oils.


not ignore the initial timing analysis for the presence of antibodies to herpes and other infections.

Do not self, becausenot all drugs are good protivogerpesnye for use during pregnancy.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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